Friday, July 25, 2014

Welcome to French Ethereal!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

My name is Barbara, but I go by Barb most of the time.
I am married and have two children in college.
My daughter is studying art
and my son is studying 
broadcasting & journalism.  

Our house is a French ranch-style home
set into the rolling hills of Southern California.
My style is French country, Shabby Chic,
a bit Victorian with Prairie-style all thrown in!

I like that ethereal quality of English gardens, 
graceful statues, boxwood, 
potted plants under the patio
of course,

Inside, I like that etherealness of
airy fabrics, white and floral china,
chintzes and toiles,
gilded or over brushed mirrors.

(Photographs are of our Pekingese 
our backyard garden!)

On a separate note:
I have been hand-sewing since I found my mother's 
sewing box when I was seven-years-old. 
At 10, I created dolls with cotton balls, paperclips,
old pantyhose and embroidery floss.
I learned how to embroider
and cross-stitch next.
My parents gave me my first sewing machine when 
I was in 9th grade.
My first sewing project with it wasn't an apron, though 
I now really like them!
It was a three-tiered sleeveless dress
out of eyelet fabric with ribbons sewed 
on the tiers' edges. I ripped out that zipper several times, 
but that dress was 
totally ethereal at 15!!!

I also made Barbie doll clothes that summer
for my first boyfriend's little sister.
When my children were young, I sewed
baby blankets and tooth fairy pillows, dresses 
and Easter outfits.  
As they grew, the sewing included patches on 
Scout and soccer uniforms.

Today, I sew slipcovers for chairs and sofas, paint rooms in our home, 
decorate and redecorate for the seasons,
designing projects as I go. 
Come along with me as we 
create a bit of 
French Ethereal-ness together!

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