Sunday, July 27, 2014

White Sunday

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Sunday is a day of rest, and sometimes we are just so busy
in our day-to-day lives that we need breathing space
to crowd out all of the noise.

This is what I think of white.
White is ethereal, 
it is calming, 

 I was thinking of all the lovely white things in our home.
China plates stacked neatly on the buffet,
white roses in a pitcher on the breakfast table and
my grandmother's crocheted antimacassars.
My father's mother made all of these lovely doilies for her home.
My favorites are two with the little boy playing with
his dog.

I like to think that it is my dad
running across the picture,
ready to throw the stick.
I wonder if she was thinking fondly of my dad
 as she crocheted every evening.

I have some other lovely lacy linens.
Some of these I purchased at different
flea markets, some at thrift stores, and a few 
which were too lovely
not to pick up and bring home
from antique stores.

One of my best finds from a market was this
sweet morning glory tablecloth.

It is a lovely square cloth with buttons embroidered in the centerpiece.

My sister-in-law and I went with our girls
to the Peterborough Antiques Faire 
back about 9 years ago now when she and my brother 
were stationed at RAF Molesworth, about 
two hours north of London, England.

A lovely time
so many lovely memories

Enjoy your Sunday!

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