Saturday, August 2, 2014

Making a Settee Cover, Part 4 ~ Ruching!

Browsing through an old favorite decorating book
a couple of days ago, Victoria Magazine's
Intimate Home ~ Creating a Private World
I found this settee with the front-sections 

It was definitely a God-thing.
(He does that sometimes.)
I was in heaven!
You know that feeling you get when you gasp,
your mouth drops open
and your eyes
open wide?

it was one of those ahah moments
when I knew
this was exactly how I wanted to
finish my settee cover.

So... I was wrong.
There will probably be five posts on Making a Settee Cover.
Oh, well!  It's a woman's prerogative, is it not, to
change her mind?

So, I got busy making a paper pattern of my "arm-front."
I traced the sofa's arm edge
on both the front-side and the back-side of the paper.
When you trace on the back side, just lay
your pencil along the sofa's side and press forward while pressing
the paper inward.  This will give a nice line that will be
the same width as your sofa's arms, perfect so your cover fits nicely in the front!

I retraced from the front, also, checking once in a while
to see if what I was drawing was pretty close to what I had
drawn on the back.
 It was.

I marked-in the sofa's wooden piece and extended the drawing
down to the "seat-deck's" seam line.
really liked how the settee 
in the photograph
had a lot of ruching!
I knew that without much texture to the painter's 
drop cloth 
that this cover was going to 
need something.
The ruching is it! 

On a final note about welting
here are a few more photos 
as I am placing the welting into the "back seam."

Happy Sewing!
Barb :)

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