Saturday, September 20, 2014

Playing with Light ~ a Fall Placesetting

Playing with light last evening
I was having fun setting the table with lovely baby boo pumpkins in whites and creams,
my teal Ball glass jars (a new favorite for vases!),
and my favorite white china purchased from 
TJ Maxx
 about a year ago.  

The light coming in the front window was fantastic!
quickly I whipped out one of my most favorite tablecloths 
(bad grammar, I know!)
tossing it into the dryer to unwrinkled it a bit.
I set the table as fast as I could, 
grabbing this and that, 
mixing silver flatware as I went. 

What teacups to put out???
I love pink and I had seen some cute fall displays on 
friends' blogs with using the color pink with white pumpkins,
that's what I went for!!!

Not much editing here, just a little enhancing the photo and tinting a bit more to the pink.

I am loving this tablescape!!!
(Did I mention this already?)

We just had pizza for dinner, but so what??!
Even pizza can be elevated to a party
with a little decor thrown in!

I am sure my journalism son would say,

"Mom, your photos are over and under-exposed,"
I'm okay with that.
(My daughter loved these photos, btw!)

Don't you sometimes like the contrast between lights and darks

 in your photographs?
Me, too.
Happy First Day of Fall!!!
(it's finally here!)
Barb :)

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