Friday, October 31, 2014

All Hallow's Eve

I am not really a big 
Halloween fan


Last spring I was playing around photographing out 
in the backyard.
It was evening and I was shooting with my iPad
and two images came up that had a 
ghostly quality about them.

I saved them just for today!!!

Happy All Hallow's Eve!!!

(I like the grainy quality of these photographs.
Hope you do, too!)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Chandy!

My husband found this little chandelier
recently for me and I 
am very happy!

Over the years, I have found that I have a love of sparkly
crystal chandeliers, but there is never
the budget for them.

when this one arrived,
it was a welcome gift!


A friend of mine has more than eleven chandeliers of varying sizes 
in her three-bedroom home.
(I think she has fourteen... I forget!) 
It is amazing to go to her home and see them all!
Soooooo beautiful!


This is our dining room chandelier.
It is just
 a generic 1990's brass one, 
but it looks lovely with added crystals and glass bobeches.
Soon I will be cleaning and redecorating it 
for the holidays.
(My same friend says I ought to 
hang up plastic all around it and 
spray paint it white!)

Sweet rose garlands and grapevines are draped across the dining room chandelier's lower arms for summer. The pearls went on at Christmas time a year ago and have stayed.

The new little beauty 

am thinking about gilding and
 over-painting with white.
Rubbing off some of the paint
so some of the gold and black
would show through would be 
super cute!

I'd like to put it hanging above the window seat in

our master bedroom.
Part of me also wants to add it to the
craft room
because I have another one in there and
the two would be fun 
Couldn't you just picture
two small chandies
hanging above a craft table 
near to each other??
Different styles but they are each 
about the same size and are
blingy and cute!!
Like TWINS!!
;) :)
(tried and tried to get the photos to post right here but they wouldn't...sorry. :( )

Will share again after I get this baby
refinished and hanging.
Happy Wednesday!
Barb :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Kitten in the Wallpaper

I was looking at the china hutch
a couple of weeks ago and thought 
I'd give it a spruce-up for fall.
I was out in the garage
getting out the paint again to start the final push 
on the patio cover
(decorated, completed patio cover post coming soon!)
when I noticed our leftover wallpaper 
which was used 
at our old house
in the downstairs powder room.

I had a flash-thought and brought those pieces inside,
wiped the dust off the fronts and backs,
and trimmed the tiniest bits to get them to fit along 
the hutch's shelf-backs.

I tried not to cut any of the length off since I might want 
to use these pieces later-on
in another project.
I had thought they might look nice inside 
picture moulding on our kitchen island.
Kinda spice up the island!

The green floral wallpaper gives the hutch 
a nice look for fall.
Each year I have fun bringing out the china
pieces I associate with fall:
the beehive teapot from my husband's late aunt and uncle
 who lived in Washington,
the seconds teapot with little mice "giving thanks"
around their tea table.
The lid's transfer was put on upside-down ~ 
hence the "seconds" classification, 
but I love it just the same!

In Lake Elsinore, we used to have a Royal Doulton store
at the outlet mall there.
I got most of my Old Country Roses
pieces there around 15-16 years ago now.
The Brambley Hedge mice teapot and the cup 
with more mice on it 
(wearing hats and aprons)
also came from this store.  
My husband bought some of these pieces for me 
for Mother's Day one year.
Love these patterns still!

I love how the wallpaper sets off the china
just so...

And this cute kitten:

Was a find at an estate sale right around the corner
one morning this summer!

Happy Tea to you!
Barb :)

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pink and Roses

Former dress fabric repurposed into chair cushion covers

I love the color pink!
fabrics with pink as the main color
and then pink roses
make me swoon!

I love roses and most of the roses in my yard are in shades of pink.
I don't know how it all started,
my love-affair with roses and rose-strewn things, 
but it came on slowly while
my husband was still in the Marine Corps.
This was almost 30 years ago now.

We had a house that was all country 
with blue and white checks 
sporting a late 80's sofa with that
beigy zigzag fabric on it.
You'd recognize it today if you saw it!
I see pieces at thrifshops once in a while.

I saw some decorator fabric at a fabric store way back then,
with blue and pink roses on it, 
and I guess that was the beginning!
From that one expensive yard of upholstery fabric
I created two pillows for that sofa.
Now, we have roses everywhere, 
but not so overwhelming that it is 
too much
you know?

We have roses on china and 
many of our teacups.
I have some teacups that are styled roses, 
but I prefer realistic roses, 
like these on the married cup and saucer, above.

Years ago I had seen lovely curtains in an old issue of
Victoria magazine
which replaced a removed cabinet door.
I thought that was the cutest thing!
I made some for our formerly 
1940's/1950's Danish maple coffee table-turned sideboard.
(**My first of many thriftshop projects back in 1989!**)These curtains hid the miscellaneous stuff 
I stored underneath quite well!
I'm now making some new ones, but I still love these!

summer roses blooming
outback ~ taken by my broadcasting/journalism son
this summer

I wear a lot of pink with roses, too, having had 
pants, jeans, and bathrobes with roses on them. 
I think I counted 20 shirts 
all of my summer and winter 
t-shirts that have pink backgrounds.

Me at the falls ~ Sioux Falls, South Dakota ~ August 2013

it's a pretty good bet
 that I wear at least two pink shirts a week!

I wish JC Penney's
would bring back these ethereal t-shirts 
with roses, French script, and other things
printed on them.
These lovely t-shirts were romantic, comfortable,
and have 
our summer mantel

antique chintzware teacup
and saucer ~ part of the real roses
in our corner cabinet

But, let's leave this post on a happy note!
I'm starting to see more lovely clothes out there!
My daughter, her friends, and son's girlfriend have found
lovely, ethereal, lacey clothes at the malls.
Have you seen the cute macramé vests out there??
So retro
Sooooo cute!

Here's to pink roses coming back
in lovely clothes! 
Happy Fall Shopping,
Barb :)

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Monday, October 13, 2014

How to Repair Shutters

It's easy to repair shutters that have lost their staples ~ just wood glue, new staples, and some painter's tape to hold it all together.

Recently I decided to fix our downstairs shutters.
We have really tall 3" shutters on doors over our
12' long triple picture window in the family room.
They are wonderful at blocking out the heat in the summer
and wonderful at letting in light in the winter.

But, over 22 years from when the original homeowners, and now our family,
have lived in this house,
these shutters needed some TLC.

I gathered wood glue, a pair of pliers and half-inch horseshoe staples.
I used the pliers to carefully pull off some staples.
These I gently tapped into the holes of the shutters' slats, 
using wood glue to secure them.

You have to also keep in mind NOT to push them in too far or they won't 
open and close properly.
Check one of your good shutters to see how far 
to set in your staples. 
Also, if your lifting bar that connects to your shutter doors has
fallen off 
(like one of ours had),
then glue and tap staples into the bar first,
thread the opposite staple through the bar-staples,
and glue and tap them into place on the shutter door.
This took quite a bit of time, 
but it wasn't hard!

I used painter's tape to hold the staples and cracked wood pieces 
securely together.
After 24 hours, 
take off the painter's tape and lightly prime and repaint
all the filled parts, including the staples if need be. 
Paint any other parts of your shutters, too, 
that need a touch-up while you're at it.

You can see the cracked slat above. After glueing, priming and repainting, now you can't even tell.

Another repair DONE!
Happy woodworking,
Barb :)

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Making a Potted Ivy Topiary

photos courtesy of Fixer~Upper featuring Magnolia Farms
store and construction team of Chip & Joanna Gaines



I was watching HGTV
and became 
inspired today to 
get out in the garden!
Mid-morning, I was out back working on
the patio cover again.
(Still filling holes, priming and finish painting the other half ~ whew!)

When it grew hotter, I came in for lunch
some rest,
and a little of my favorite programs!


My new favorite show is called
a really cute home buying/improvement
show with
Chip and Joanna Gaines
out of Waco, Texas!

I thought these pots would be perfect flanking the front door and would look nice with their lions & swags.

While watching this couple refinishing several houses,
Chip was out in the owners' gardens
putting in plants creating nice
curb appeal.
I became totally inspired!!!

Around 4:00p.m.
it was finally down to 85 degrees
I gathered my little hand-trowel, a hammer, our drill and the
1/4" ceramic drill bit
and drilled through the bottoms of two large pots I found this summer at an estate sale
creating better drainage.

For some reason,
these pots weren't originally
drilled out, so they needed this done.

To create the topiary form:
  • Grab a tomato cage you have lying around for the form.
  • Put gravel or broken clay pot pieces into the bottom of your clean pot.
  • Fill with new potting mix, leaving room for topping-off after you've planted the ivy clippings.
  • Clip another ivy's trailing vines, take off about 4" of leaves from the stem, insert into soil, tamp.
  • Keep adding long vines to the pot, taking tendrils up and over the cage. Can weave some through and around other vine pieces.
  • Give your newly potted topiary some B1 to help prevent shock and to aid the creation of roots. Enjoy!!!

Will Share photos later
as this topiary
fills in.

Happy planting!
Barb :)

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Bedskirt Musings

My husband & I have had a queen bed

for more than 25 years.
But, finally, we had had enough!
Our mattress was shot...
It wiggled...
It jiggled...
It drove us crazy!!!
and we woke each other up with every movement.
Laying out the Battenburg lace seeing how it would look.
Loving it!

This past January we bought a lovely, new
dense foam 
California King mattress set.
A week later it was delivered and it is heavenly!
Most definitely ethereal!!!

Our 22-year-old daughter now has our cherry bed set,
and we'd like to get something to replace it.
In the mean time,
I was thinking what could I make for a bedskirt???

I ended up using three tablecloths that I had found 
on a couple of thriftshopping trips.
One was perfect! ~ thin, meant for a side table. 
It became the side pieces of the bedskirt when split in half lengthwise.
The second was exactly the width I needed for 
the across the front of the bedskirt.

It was a double bed sheet that I cut off 
the actual top piece
I reattached it at the bottom
but reversing the rest of the main sheet.
That kept original seams up at the top of the bed.
The leftover sheet became the part

between the mattresses!

You can see in the collage of photos above
that I folded the Battenburg lace edges 
over on a 45 degree angle
then I cut off what was needed.

***You'll probably recognize 
the pieces as more of the Battenburg lace
used on the settee cover's lace and ruching inserts.

I just lightly gathered each piece,
pinned them all on,
affixed the gathered triangles of lace,
sewed it up,
Sew simple!

All in all, I think it turned out pretty well!
Am loving it!!!
Yoda likes it, too.
(He stands up against it at night when asking for a "pick-up.")

Happy Friday & happy sewing  to you!
Barb :)

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