Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Kitten in the Wallpaper

I was looking at the china hutch
a couple of weeks ago and thought 
I'd give it a spruce-up for fall.
I was out in the garage
getting out the paint again to start the final push 
on the patio cover
(decorated, completed patio cover post coming soon!)
when I noticed our leftover wallpaper 
which was used 
at our old house
in the downstairs powder room.

I had a flash-thought and brought those pieces inside,
wiped the dust off the fronts and backs,
and trimmed the tiniest bits to get them to fit along 
the hutch's shelf-backs.

I tried not to cut any of the length off since I might want 
to use these pieces later-on
in another project.
I had thought they might look nice inside 
picture moulding on our kitchen island.
Kinda spice up the island!

The green floral wallpaper gives the hutch 
a nice look for fall.
Each year I have fun bringing out the china
pieces I associate with fall:
the beehive teapot from my husband's late aunt and uncle
 who lived in Washington,
the seconds teapot with little mice "giving thanks"
around their tea table.
The lid's transfer was put on upside-down ~ 
hence the "seconds" classification, 
but I love it just the same!

In Lake Elsinore, we used to have a Royal Doulton store
at the outlet mall there.
I got most of my Old Country Roses
pieces there around 15-16 years ago now.
The Brambley Hedge mice teapot and the cup 
with more mice on it 
(wearing hats and aprons)
also came from this store.  
My husband bought some of these pieces for me 
for Mother's Day one year.
Love these patterns still!

I love how the wallpaper sets off the china
just so...

And this cute kitten:

Was a find at an estate sale right around the corner
one morning this summer!

Happy Tea to you!
Barb :)

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