Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Chandy!

My husband found this 
little chandelier
recently for me and am
very happy he brought it home!

Over the years, I have found that I have 
a love of sparkly crystal chandeliers, 
but there is never
the budget for them.

when this one arrived,
it was a welcome gift!


A friend of mine, Kathy, has more than 
eleven chandeliers of 
varying sizes 
in her three-bedroom home.
(I think she has fourteen... I forget!) 
It is amazing to go to her home and 
see them all!
Soooooo beautiful!


This is our dining room chandelier.
It is just
a generic 1990's brass one, 
but it looks lovely 
with added crystals and 
glass bobeches.

Soon I will be cleaning and redecorating it 
for the holidays.
(My same friend says I ought to 
hang up plastic all around it and 
spray paint it white!)

Sweet rose garlands and grapevines are draped across the dining room chandelier's lower arms for summer. The pearls went on at Christmas time a year ago and have stayed.

The new little beauty am thinking about 
gilding and
 over-painting with white.
Rubbing off some of the paint
so some of the gold and black
would show through would be 
super cute!

I'd like to put it hanging above the window seat in

our master bedroom.
Part of me also wants to add it to the
craft room
because I have another one in there and
the two would be fun 

Couldn't you just picture
two small chandies
hanging above a craft table 
near to each other??

Different styles but they are each 
about the same size and are
blingy and cute!!
Like TWINS!!
;) :)
(tried and tried to get the photos to post right here but they wouldn't...sorry. :( )

Will share again after I get this baby
refinished and hanging.
Happy Wednesday!

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