Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pink and Roses

Former dress fabric repurposed into chair cushion covers

I love the color pink!
fabrics with pink as the main color
and then pink roses
make me swoon!

I love roses and most of the roses in my yard are 
in shades of pink.
I don't know how it all started,
my love-affair with roses and rose-strewn things, 
but it came on slowly while
my husband was still in the Marine Corps.
This was almost 30 years ago now.

We had a house that was all country 
with blue and white checks 
sporting a late 1980's sofa with that
beigy zigzag fabric on it.

You'd recognize it today if you saw it today!
I see pieces at thriftshops every once in a while
that wear
the same fabric and think
Yep, that's from the 80's!

I saw some decorator fabric at the fabric store
Calico Corners 
way back then,
with blue and pink roses on it, 
and I guess that was the beginning!

From that one expensive yard of 
upholstery fabric
I created two pillows for that sofa.

Now, we have roses everywhere, 
but not so overwhelming that it is 
too much
you know?

We have roses on china and 
many of our teacups.
I have some teacups that are styled roses, 
but I prefer realistic roses, 
like these on the married 
cup and saucer, above.

Years ago I had seen lovely curtains 
in an old issue of
Victoria magazine
where the homeowner had replaced a 
removed cabinet door with hanging curtains.
I thought that was the cutest thing!
I made some for our formerly 
1940's/1950's Danish maple 
coffee table-turned sideboard.
(**My first of many thriftshop projects back in 1989!**)

These curtains hid the miscellaneous stuff 
I stored underneath quite well!
I'm now making some new ones,
but I still love these!

summer roses blooming
outback ~ taken by my broadcasting/journalism son
this summer

I wear a lot of pink with roses, too, having had 
pants, jeans, and bathrobes 
with roses on them. 
I think I counted 20 shirts 
all of my summer and winter t-shirts 
that have pink backgrounds...
Is that a bit obsessive or what??

Me at the falls ~ Sioux Falls, South Dakota ~ August 2013

it's a pretty good bet
 that I wear at least two pink shirts a week!

I wish JC Penney's
would bring back these ethereal t-shirts 
with roses, French script, and other things
printed on them.
These lovely t-shirts were romantic, comfortable,
and have 

our summer mantel

antique chintzware teacup
and saucer ~ part of the real roses
in our corner cabinet

But, let's leave this post on a happy note!
I'm starting to see more lovely clothes out there!

My daughter, her friends, and my son's girlfriend
have found some
lovely, ethereal, lacey clothes at the malls ~ 

such as at Forever 21.

Have you seen the cute macramé vests out there??
So retro
Sooooo cute!

Here's to pink roses coming back
in lovely clothes! 

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Happy Fall Shopping,

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