Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Sentiments...Easy Way to Clean Silver

Today's Sunday Sentiments
is about an easy way to clean

I forget how I heard about this but 
it works quite well.

Cleaning Silver:

First ~ line your sink with a piece of aluminum foil.

Second ~ place your silver or silver-plated objects
onto the foil. I don't like any of my pieces touching.
I don't recommend layering, either. Tried it once 
and it doesn't work well.   

Third ~ Pour good old-fashioned baking soda 
over all your silver.
(I buy it in 10 lb. bags worth at Winco and refill my container.)

Fourth ~ Pour boiling hot water over all. More baking soda
can be poured over pieces 
to get in the carvings and engravings.

Lastly ~ rinse off, wash and dry your silver items!
Look how lovely they can look!

The reaction between
the heat, the aluminum, and the bicarbonate of soda
works easily on removing the tarnish caused by silver's copper content
coming in contact with the humidity and sulphur in our air.

This same process can also be done on your silver jewelry, 
although I still like using the old 
toothpaste and water trick!

Funny to see "Me" upside down in all of the spoons!

Isn't this a cool trick for cleaning silver??! 
And, you don't have to leave the pieces in there too long, either.
When your silver is shiny and clean, 
just recycle 
your aluminum foil. 
You'll be amazed at how dirty it is!
I think this heat-process must transfer 
the tarnish to the foil...

Probably my favorite silverware photo! Love the curves and angles!

 It doesn't always get every bit of tarnish, but some tarnish
in the cracks looks nice!
Like in repouseé...
Love it when my silverware's 
flowers and swirls
are picked out!

Right-oh, then...

Today we are going to try a...

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