Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fifi O'Neill Comes to Vignette's!

Valentine's Day was a lot of fun
Francoise "Fifi" O'Neill!!!

Vignettes, an ethereal store after my own antique-browsing heart, located in the beautiful and sunny antique district of Ocean Beach, San Diego, California, hosted author Fifi O'Neill to a book signing from 12 noon to 5pm, on Valentine's Day 2015.  "Fabulous Fifi," as she is often called, has just published her third book, Prairie-Style Weddings...  PRAIRIE-STYLE WEDDINGS: Rustic and Romantic Farm, Woodland, and Garden Celebrations (Chronicle Books, December 2014, $30 USD/Hardbound).

Vignettes is a beautiful French-inspired atelier located in the antique district/Ocean Beach area
of San Diego ~ 4828 Newport Avenue, San Diego, California 92107.  Phone number: 619-222-9244.
Open daily, call ahead for hours.

View along Newport Blvd. looking towards Ocean Beach and the Pacific...

Lori Chandler, the owner of Vignettes, and her staff 
were gracious hosts
sharing gift-wrapped chocolate hearts and glasses
of champagne with everyone who purchased 
one of Fifi's new book and/or
came to shop and meet Ms. O'Neill. 

I'm going to do a write-up of
in another posting
but wanted to share just a few
photos from the shop...

Fifi O'Neill at her lovely signing table outback of Vignettes... Two designers had set up this beautifully decorated tented area with everything inspired by Ms. O"Neill's Prairie-Style Weddings book! Even the parachute covering the Easy-Up was pink!

For those of you who read decorating/shelter magazines,
but might not be familiar with Fifi O'Neill...

Ms. O'Neill is the former editor of
Romantic Country magazine
is the editor of
French Country and Prairie Country 
Country Decorating Ideas publications
published quarterly.

I have been reading both of these magazines for years
and drooling over 
Fifi's decorating style!!!
She is originally from just outside of Paris
and I think she brings a Parisian flare
to our American homes!!!

Her decor tends towards mugs and dishes
with cute French words
printed on them;
worn clock faces displayed on a shelf,
muslin and drop cloth pillows with
French printing;
she likes toile de jouy printed fabrics!
(Mais bien sûr! Mais je te jure que c'est vrai! ~ but, of course!)
Fifi also decorates with her sister's
embroidered pillows,
and she has these little metal hearts
around that
were once memorials
that I really think are sweet...
And, where would we be without hearts on Valentine's Day?!!

In this photograph below, there is the first issue of
Romantic Country
it wasn't called that
(perhaps the actual title hadn't been finalized?)
it was called
"Romantic Living."
Anyway, I brought all three of these
books and magazines
with me and asked Fifi if she would sign them.

I have a funny story to tell you!
After shooting a few photos of the outside of Vignette's
and photos of the antique district there in Ocean Beach,
I walked over to go to the
book signing soiree...

Well, I walked in the door
there was Fifi O'Neill!!!
I practically ran into her!

I said something really dumb like,
"Oh! I didn't expect you to be right here."
(How dumb was that, right?)
I quickly recovered and said hello properly!

Luckily, there was another lady there chatting with her, so
I joined in...

This ended up being where we took the
top photo and a few more.
I hope that lady I met finds this blogpost 
someday as I'd really like to thank her for taking
these pictures!!!
(Thank you!!!)

Well, I'll get off here for now!
Been rather excited and happy for this posting
wanted to get it out to you so you can see
She is a lovely, lovely person
and though she doesn't write in her blog anymore
(not enough time as she is flying all over the country
interviewing and styling people's homes for print),
her site is still up
and you can watch the video she put up
of her little converted garage.
You can hear how sweet her voice is!

She is every bit as nice as she sounds, too.
Her style is so cute;

I know you'll love her as much as I do!

In honor of Madam Fifi...


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