Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Tea for the Garden!

Tea in the afternoon
this Saturday...

After spending part of the early morning,
then after a trip to Home Depot
looking at linoleum
for our upstairs bathroom
(decided not to, at present),
adding some more after lunch...

I am liking how the pathway is turning out! Possiblities for new plantings to hide the pool equipment...
The path is now as long as it ever was before pulling it up to run new waterlines.

The side pathway is coming along!
Will probably get out there again Sunday p.m.
in the later afternoon
after a much-needed nap...
I sat down and actually
the garden!...

Planted some ranunculus to the pot where a lone, almost petered-out stock is still blooming up top.

Birds were chirping merrily
over at the bird feeder,
our resident mallards were sitting along 
the edge of the spa
next to the pool.
Water from the spa spilled over the edge
into the pool.
And, the fountain behind me burbled its 
magical sounds soothing me as I read...

Our old fountain... in need of a new figurehead, but still love the "old gal" even with falling apart...

And, for an hour-and-a-half,
no laundry,
no mopping,
no cleaning windows, floors, bathrooms, etc.

I just read...

Happy Early Spring to you!
Barb :)

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