Friday, January 8, 2016

5 Minute Canning-Jar Craft

Looking to create a flower vase
and/or candle lantern
for a special event?

Gather together these supplies:
*Glass canning jar in clear or colored glass and whatever size 
needed for your project.

*Decorative burlap trim and some colored ribbon to weave
in and out

*Fun buttons or any other items for decoration

*String, yarn, or jute to tie on your button trim

*hot glue gun and glue

*Measure and cut your trims, weave the ribbon before
glueing both onto the jar,
turning under both edges as you go.
*Butt edges together as you glue 
the final edges 
to the jar.

*Thread yarn or decorative jute or 
through the button/decoration(s) ~ cut to length,
(I doubled mine to create a double tie)
*Tie on jar with a granny knot or a bow

Gorgeous buttons found along with the jars at
Hobby Lobby
(not sponsored, just like the store!)

Have a great Friday!!!
Barb :)

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