Saturday, January 9, 2016

Birthday Tea, a Backstamp, and Mom

Inspiration ~
Sometimes it's something little...
Today it was
something big ~
baking a 
coconut pecan chocolate birthday cake!
(just a Betty Crocker cake today!)

It's the little things 
that mean the most to me these days
and a really gooey, light and chocolatey 
just about the 
best. thing. ever.

It inspired me to look around the house
to create a little tea party!

That's when I remembered
all the lovely
antique china pieces
Gramma Gini's

This tea set 
Crown Ivory

The saucers show a blue back stamp, the teacups are completely blank,
the dinner plates also have blue back stamps.
{sorry the picture is sideways}

This set belonged to Gini's
and grandfather 
on her father's side.

There is no teapot, sadly.
Perhaps it was broken long ago
the creamer and sugar bowl
are here
feature in today's tea party story!

Also in the set are 8" dinner plates, small bread plates, small fruit bowls,
and a large bowl.
Really, really cute!

Emma Louisa (Hine) and Hearly Everett Fudge
and their son Raymond Fudge, aged 5
Mr. Fudge was a conductor on the trolley line in Joplin, Missouri during those years
 photo circa 1914

Of course then I began
looking up the name of the company...
Do you ever do that??
Then three hours goes by.

I'll keep looking for this company
but my guess from the backstamp is that
Crown is an American company,
this particular china was fired in the 1930's.

This is my husband Charles down in the corner, circa 1975, and his sister Jodi on the right.
Rear ~ Raymond Alvie/Alva Fudge, {Mami} Kate Daffin (Duke) Fudge, Mary Virginia "Gini" (Fudge) Chapman,
Charles Robert "Pete" Chapman, Sr.
Gramma says that the two dresses she made for Jodi and herself to wear to this
Odd Fellows instillation dinner hung in the Sacramento County Library for a short time representing
the Colonial period and the American Bicentennial. 

Love this photo! My mother-in-law today.
She is a joy and beautiful in spirit and body, to me and Charles.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this family tour
and tea party!
Blessings to you,

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