Thursday, January 7, 2016

The $10 Thriftshop Challenge

For my birthday, I gave myself 

personal challenge...
this week 
while we are out of town
on vacation.
Could I spend only $10???

Last year I had fun thriftshopping with my nephew.
That's when I found the French-style
pier mirror...

last year's birthday present found in a second-hand store

but he was working on Tuesday
heading out by myself,
I went to two 
stores while waiting for our dog which was getting
a teeth cleaning and grooming at the vet's office.
It's always fun browsing for
and finding 
some great china and glassware!

Our son and our future daughter-in-love
are looking for
sea glass to decorate with,
possibly lavender bottles to use on tables
this coming summer
at their
wedding reception

Cinderella centerpiece ~ Goodwill, Citrus Heights, CA

At the second Goodwill, I found
this sweet wire piece that
would be happy to have
on her table as a birthday centerpiece
or for a Fairytale wedding...

Hobby Lobby glass!

I had found these lovely glass vases at
Hobby Lobby
over the weekend
while out with my mother-in-law
picking up craft supplies
for a
project she was working on.

After many texts and photos 
back and forth, 
turns out these weren't quite what our son's fiancee was looking for
She liked the shapes!
(Turns out her mother was out looking for wedding craft ideas, too!)

scored these vintage and antique lavender glass bottles at a Goodwill
and a secondhand store called Timeless Treasures

We've begun looking for 
lavender and sea foam
canning jars, 
old medicine and liquor bottles
can then be reused
sweet little vases.

When I find them,
it will be a snap to send them
off to our son
so that they can decide what all they like
and want to use.

For now,
they will feature in my little blog...

Blessings to you,
Barb :)

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