Wednesday, June 22, 2016

White and Silver Daydreams...

Tea, cake and scones ~ a study in whites and creams... {sigh!} 

White and Silver...
Some of my most favorite colors...

Today's post sharing some past
lovelies with you!!!

A few of the ecru and white lace napkins, a table runner and an
Irish tablecloth {far right, bottom} picked up in England. Shot when
I was still learning how to use the aperature on our camera to let in light. ;)

Do you ever feel the need to
just daydream?
Bringing out my favorite pieces of china and 
those lacy linens
and just the act of decorating our tables
{whether they are big or small},
set me off daydreaming...
Great for decompressing 
from life's trials
and also
just because it's a lot of fun to decorate
with all that china!
I feel that need a lot.
Do you??

A few of my favorite pieces... found at various thrift stores, flea markets, and
antique shops.  Most of my silver-plate pieces are
1847 Rogers Bros. ~ Remembrance pattern ~ above, far right

We usually have a few get-togethers
over the summer with family and friends.
Our daughter's birthday starts the summer parties
here in June
and in the past
we always had her school friends over
for a cookout and to swim
to eat cupcakes or cake
depending upon the birthday girl's whims 
each particular year.

Our son's birthday is just on Labor Day weekend,
so his birthdays were always a little quieter
with just a couple of friends over
for a sleepover and swimming,
movies all night, and more cake and ice cream.
It was always rather nice having their birthdays
as bookends to the summer season!

For this summer, I'm making plans
 to invite
a few of my friends over for tea...
Okay, it's always 
my favorite thing to do
I admit
but even with the tea craze having come and gone
I feel there is always a place
for a good tea and fellowship with friends.

A favorite photo of a tea at friend Kathy's former home with all of us from our tea group.
This was taken nine years ago now! My how time flies!

I haven't really had anyone 
over to our new place as last fall was 
simply too crazy 
moving every couple of weeks to new locations among the campsites
as we took on our camp host positions, 
then, winter was windy and freezing 
{no outdoor entertaining for us!},
we have just been too busy
this spring with track season.
summer is here!!!
the weather is balmy, 
the afternoon coastal breezes soft and cooling,
and lovely trees providing the necessary afternoon shade ~
just perfect to invite some guests over 
to see our new digs
experience all that this area has to offer!

One tea I have planned is for the friends 
I've known 
for many years now and met 
through the 
Victorian Tea Society
The second is a party for my new friends
met while working here at The Lake!

The photograph just above 
was taken after a tea when all the 
silverware was sparkling in the late afternoon light.
A favorite time of day to daydream is when I'm making
all that china and silver 
with a good cleaning!

Our powder room downstairs at our Big House. ~ dressed for company! <3 td="">

Did you know that one of my favorite things 
to do after giving a tea
for friends 
is to wash up the tea luncheon's dishes and all the silverplate 
while listening to music and watching birds 
peck seeds at the bird feeders outside?
I still do that here at our Tiny House, 
now I just have to turn around and 
sip a cup of tea while peering out the 
sitting area window.
Is this a favorite for you, too??

A favorite setting with the rose plates and bowls brought back from England along with my
great~grandmother's crystal bowl passed down to the daughters. My daughter will be the
fifth generation to have it grace her tables! 

The lake here attracts so many species of birds
than we ever had at our bird feeders back
in Murrieta!
Juncos, towhees (really large brown birds 
with barrel tummies!), 
field and Nevada sparrows,
blackbirds, crows, ravens (so enormous and 
they love sunflower seeds!).
I'm sorry I don't have any good photographs of the towhees
for you today.
They are rather shy birds and I'll just have to be sneaky
this summer and set up the camera the evening before
so I can nab pics early in the mornings
through our sitting area window!

What kinds of birds
are attracted to your backyard?
Let me know as I love hearing
about everyone's feathered friends!
I hope you enjoy having them visit you.
I know you do!

Pieces of a cake we had at the "Snowman Tea" I gave for friends a few years back.

Love birds on china, too! 
This is a set of dessert plates I bring out each winter
to celebrate special occasions with
and also 
"just because days."
You may have seen this set at the big stores like
which is where I believe I bought a few of these at an
after-Christmas sale.
Some came years later from
I would stack them in our cupboard and use them
myself for tea and muffins in the mornings
and for special dinners
with the family.
So pretty and fun for every occasion!
My daughter also likes to use them
for her breakfasts.

A cement piece I've had for many years ~ still looking to create something with it!

Anyway, Just a look back at some
"pretties" dressed in whites and silver  from Our Home to Yours!

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Barb :)

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