Tuesday, January 10, 2017

In Ambient Light...

As a blogger/photographer
I take a ton of pictures
and not all of them 
make it into the posts 
I'm currently working on...

So this post I thought I'd share a number of 
"light" posts I've shot just because
they are beautiful.

This is a recent one I took
before switching out the green light strand
for a white one.
I ended up restyling
the window cornice
to hide that not so pretty brown
front fabric.

This photograph was from when I was
making the
toile pumpkins
last fall.
I love the different lights and darks
in this shot.

This one you'll know from
the more recent photos
when I was shooting the
pink transferware.
The same story where I shared the recipe for
banana chocolate chip muffins.

And these are old favorites from
our former home from 
Christmas time
a couple of years ago...

And our garden at the time.

One last one ~ one of my favorites
of all times from
playing with light.

Hope you have enjoyed 
this little tour as we played with light...
Blessings to you,
Barb :)

*p.s. As always, please feel free to share, pin,
and leave me a comment about anything here. Thank you!

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