Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

An old 1930's mirror currently visiting the Craft room

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A picture frame from Michael's with a mirror I had made for it ~ our bedroom framed.

They are sparkly, shiny, 
they can be gilded or painted over,
silver, curvy or straight-edged.
I don't care!
I just love mirrors!

lovely details!

Bottom of the other found in England along with
a cute small gold mirror found in a home store.
One found in England
Love how the scrolling leaves were picked-out with
the paint!

The mirror in my dining room reflects the outdoors,

our backyard and pool.
Originally, I had the lovely, scrolled one in here,
I liked that one better for
over the mantel in the family room.


The mirror one sees coming in our 
front door
was one of two that flew back
from England with my 
two children
and myself.

The other looking-glass which came
on Virgin Atlantic
from Great Britain
was immediately dry-brush painted-over
as soon as I was
coherent enough
and back on our time zone!
Both were found in thrift shops 
in Sawtry and St. Ives, and 
this one would look 
fantastic painted white with 
its original brassy gilding
peeking through!

One of two mirrors in our second bathroom upstairs. 
Both have sayings on them. Thanks to Fifi O'Neill who 
had mirrors on her blogsite which were my inspiration!!!

A picture frame found in Redlands, CA that I lightly brushed
white and had a bevelled mirror made for it.

Blessings to you,
When we were first married,

I found a corner-round cabinet to display our 
wedding things in, but over the years
it became a display for art
created by our children as well as 
a place to house all of my collected teacups.
This cabinet has mirrors all over 
the back wall.
It happily reflects potted ivy from outside,
other items of beauty
from inside our home, 
of course, all the lovely 
tea cups & saucers

Our corner-round cabinet
Our final mirrored piece is one of the few, true
French pieces I have.
A lovely 1880's - early 1900's, reproduction
Louis XIV armoire.

We had driven down to our dentist appointments 
one day in late summer
just after we moved to this house.
the kids and I went to lunch and shopping at the mall
in Oceanside/Carlsbad, and 
this one store
was closing its doors.
The woman was selling both of her display armoires.
There it was just waiting for me!
I called my husband and told him about it.
He and I discussed it.
Could we afford it? 
YES!  For once we could!!!

So, the bonnet came home with the kids and I
on the return trip that day,
and the body and bottom piece 
on a second trip later that evening 
with my husband
and myself.
I remember it was a Friday.

Our armoire holds all our blankets, 
sheets, and decorative pillows.
I think about painting it white.
I have seen some very similar which are painted
and they are gorgeous!
But, I am a purist at heart with some pieces.
I love the wood grain.
It is beautiful just as it is...

So... Happy Sunday to you all! 
May you be the Light reflected out into your corner of this world,

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