Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Super Cute Lampshade!

This past summer  I was over at my friend Kathy's house and saw a cute lampshade she had decorated again in her bedroom.
It inspired me to create this one! She took a whole bunch of Battenburg lace and other types of lace pieces and spot-glued them
all over her bedside table's lampshade.

She then pinned on little rose pins and other small pins to finish off her lampshades and it turned out adorable! I wish I had a photograph for you. It is super cute!!!

I had been thinking what kind of lampshade I would like for this neat French-style lamp base I had found at Urban Barn in Escondido back in early July. I had lots of lace but not many of the same type but I am really happy with how it turned out! 
I think it turned out pretty sweet plus it didn't cost too much money ~ really just the cost of the lamp ($55) and the laces which I already owned. And some time with the bottle of glue!!!
What do you think??

Here are the directions...

How to decorate this lampshade

To do this project, just bring out all of the lace pieces that you have
collected over the years.

  • Pin lace pieces randomly around your shade, moving and re-pinning to get the desired look.
  • I used Tacky Glue as you can remove the glue later-on without hurting the lace pieces.  Kathy recommended this to me because of the ability to remove the lace for washing.  Tip:  Did you know you can wash lampshades?? 
  • Put dabs of glue in spots to lightly hold your pieces on, overlapping your lace as necessary.  Your shade is done!!! Easy project!!!

I had collected some of these pieces in England, some from Michael's and Joanne's Fabrics, and a few from a trip to Idaho a few years ago.

It was nice to bring them out of the linen closet! I even used some little crocheted roses I had picked up probably ten or fifteen years ago. They give this shade some extra dimension which I really like!  :)

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