Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Photo Blast!

 I took a TON of photographs
this Christmas season,
many of them showcasing all that this time of year
has to offer.

One of my favorites! Lovely old-timey St. Nicholas figures!

I thought I'd share a bunch of nighttime and daytime
Christmas photos with you!
French Ethereal-style!
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There were sooooo many ways I could have gone with this!
I thought about doing "all night" photos,
I thought about doing "all day" photos,
there are a bunch of garden photos.
It's crazy and wonderful!

Love how the star "starred!" I don't have any filters, so this was
purely a God-thing! Even did it in the mirror ~ way cool!

We have had a lot of blessings this year...
good friends who have been there
through thick and thin, 
plenty of food,and 
enough funds last spring
to finally buy a camera...   

I can create images the way
I've always seen them
in my head
and with my eyes.

Might sound weird, but you know
how you'll see something,
then you'll go and take a photograph with your 
iPad, or an old instamatic camera?
The photos rarely came out
the way
I would envision them.

Now, they pretty much always do!

Hope you have enjoyed

Feel free to "share" my blog and photos on your site! Still trying to figure
out how to create a blog party! (It's learning how to do all the linking
that is holding this up. Getting there... ;)

Christmas Blessings to you 
all year,

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