Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Belated Christmas Wishes!

On a Saturday early in December, I put on Josh Groban's Christmas CD
and happily wrapped presents that would be heading to our son and his girlfriend in South Dakota,
 and for our daughter who still lives "at home"...  Homemade bows and gift tags were on the docket
that day!

Happy Christmas and a New Year's Wishes
to you!
I hope you had a lovely Christmas Day
with family and friends.

We spent the day enjoying our first Christmas day
out in our new little

A small card that I have had sitting in a drawer just waiting to be used... a little Scotch tape on the backside of its clear plastic cover stuck it beautifully to the wall of our camper ~ a copy to the large lithograph that lived in our bedroom
and is now waiting in storage.

I've been giving our little blog a lot of thought
this season...

It came to me a few days ago that with the changes we have undergone with our move this year,
French Ethereal
will also be undertaking some changes with the
New Year.

The folks at our campground are trying to get us better
internet service,
I am hopeful I can get back to blogging
on a more regular basis!
(this would be wonderful!)

Also, I am hoping to decorate once in a while with some of our "goodies" from storage!
I have thought of several things to do and share with you
barring lots of rain!

We have a little "shed" just behind where our trailer is parked
now and it now contains storage shelves for extra food stuff
as well as our vacuum and our Christmas present 
to each other ~ a new chest-style freezer!
(We can now eat and cook!)

Santa and Mrs. Claus sit on my little "shelf," really the cornice box surrounding the window
to the left side of our queen bed.

French Ethereal will morph a bit into French (Camp) Ethereal
as I am working on decorating outside and will be getting
out in the garden more...

I'll share more posts about the wildlife around here,
maybe some sweet hoof prints and hopefully catch
some of that wildlife on film for you!

A horribly blurry shot of the cutest camper all dressed for Christmas!
I blame it on the wind ~ not my lack of a tripod... ;)

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Here's to a wonderful 2016!
Happy New Year to you all!!!  :)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Wishes and a Wreath to Make ~

Happy Day after Thanksgiving!
I've been working on
our holiday decorations
over here!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving day
celebrating with family and friends.
We started the day cooking
biscuits and gravy
in our little oven and stove in our trailer,
then Hubby cooked chicken sausage, some hamburger
for future tacos, and our turkey breast
out on the grill.

Everything turned out wonderfully!
We ate our turkey with candied yams (my favorite!), 
cranberry sauce, 
our daughter's wonderful mashed potatoes, 
and some mixed vegetables.

While walking around with Yoda yesterday, I saw...
Campers deep-frying their turkeys
many families bicycling around,
others were watching football games
or movies
on televisions set outside
their trailers.
During the evening, 
it seemed everyone had a blazing campfire to keep warm!
Thanksgiving was a cool one
this year!

It's really fun seeing how everyone camps!
At nighttime, 
families turn on their twinkle lights and party lights.
Some strings are multi-colored,
others are just orange, or red, or blue.
Some change colors.
Everyone is happy to be outside in the fresh air
enjoying just getting away from the 
hustle and bustle
coming out to get back to Nature!

Today I thought I'd share
a fun craft with you!

Holiday Head Wreaths
  1. Collect a bunch of pepper berries or any faux or real berries you may have in your yard or craft supplies.  (These I collected right outside our front door courtesy the local trees!)
  2. Take an old, wire coat hanger, unwind the hanger using a pair of pliers/wire cutters.
  3. Bend this wire into the shape of the head you want to decorate.  Either pre-measure your doll's head/child's head (definitely!), or just bend your wire and keep checking the wire frame you are creating against your intended "wearer."  I wrapped my wreaths only once for the big angel (should have done twice ~ was hard to glue only to one wire...), and twice around for our tall lady statue (will share her later).
  4. Using hot glue, glue on berries and their stems to the frame layering berries to cover all the way around the wire edging.  At first, I had a thin layer of berries, but then decided to make a thick wreath by adding berries to the "tops" and "bottoms" of each wreath.
  5. Place your wreath on your wearer and Enjoy!!!

Our little trailer

These wreaths 
could easily translate over to large wreaths, too.
I thought about making 
a large wreath out of these luscious berries
(maybe finding the mostly light pink and white berries!!! Ooooh!)
to hang for the rest of winter.

Shabby pink and faded ~ perfection!

For now, I created a Christmas Wreath
for over the front door
I will share that one with you soon!

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Wishing you a 
Happy Holiday Season!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A New Year ~ A New Home

The first cool Saturday morning we had in September, I set out to bake some of my banana chocolate chip muffins!

A new year for
French Ethereal~

Of course as you know we are no longer living in our
lovely home in the town of Murrieta, California...

Our new home is a travel trailer approximately 27' in length
and about 8' wide ~ one tenth the size (basically!)
of the home we just vacated as the sale 
 finally went through in August 2015.

Yoda enjoying one of his daily walks at beautiful Lake Skinner!  Yoda thinks all 14000 acres belong to him and her barks at
every new dog that comes out to camp.
{And also at the dogs who belong to other camp hosts who live here! Lol!}

Life full-time in a 27' trailer has its challenges, cooking being one of them! The extra-large cutting board provides some
much needed counter space (of which in this trailer... There is NONE.)
We use the stove to dry dishes set into the stovetop's wrought iron
grates propped up on their sides, and ALL dishes have to be washed after every meal.

We ended up moving our trailer several times already
for various reasons.
One of which is... We have become "camp hosts" which means we are here to help folks who are camping
if they have a need or there is a problem
after hours.

So far, so good!

Lovely little flower blooming in the wild grasses surrounding the campgrounds.

Where one door closes... God opens another ~
I spent a lot of this year really stressed knowing that we would have to leave our home of 12 1/2 years.
We put EVERYTHING and I do mean everything
into two 10' x 25' storage units.

There were many tears, fits of anger, depression,

the works...

we are on the other side now and I think God was
very loving, very gracious and very sure that He knew 
we would love being here in a beautiful area with
many species of birds,
raccoons, skunks, mule deer, 
bobcat, and coyotes
(Yoda loves sniffing for all of the new animals!).

I'll share the photos of the inside of our home

in another post soon,
but for now this will be all.

I'll share some of the craziness of trying to make

good meals
while having to pull up every seat cushion
to get at the right pots and pans!
But, truly, this is a lovely place to be
and since 
French Ethereal rolls with the punches,
and I was once called

French Ethereal 
will be evolving with the changes...

Just a quick post on this Tuesday evening

to let you know I miss visiting with you
I will be trying to post more
and share 
The New French Ethereal!!!

Blessings to you, always,

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Simple Saturdays ~ Rain & Candlelight

Of all types of lighting,
candlelight is definitely
a favorite...

Cheerful, flickering
casting dancing shadows 
on all objects near,
calms us, relaxes the mind,
releases happiness 
into our souls...

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sweet Sundays... My Little Craftroom

Stress relief is always good and for me it comes in the form of sewing!

I finally finished putting on the pleated edging around the second settee and in this photograph you can see the pleating as I was working on it.

On the left side of the room, there is a big closet
with many shelves storing little plastic boxes with
broken china, paper ephemera for projects,
bins full of past-used patterns and
bits of broken china for future projects.

Upper shelving bins hold faux flowers,
measuring tools
(I have several dressmaker tools such as a French-curve),
empty frames, fabrics for sewing,
and bits and bobs.

This room is kinda small at just 9' x 10' but it is
plenty big on cuteness!
Open shelving stores floral boxes with memorabilia and photographs from many years of family life.
The window and back walls are where I work and play.

The right wall stores large photos from our kids' sports years,
large photos from various family camps with our church,
and scouting goodies.

It is a room full of wonderful memories!

Happy Sunday blessings
to you!
I hope you have a wonderful
place to go and create, too.  :)

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