Monday, January 5, 2015

Thrifting in the New Year

Happy New Year to you!
My husband and I have been visiting with family
just for a few days
over the New Year's holiday.
The day after driving up Highway 99,
I invited my nephew to go thriftshopping.
Turns out it's something he likes 
to do!

We visited several thrift stores throughout
the suburbs of Sacramento.
He found books and record LP's to enjoy,
and I found a bunch of
fun silver-plate and solid silver
that's another post!

As we were out and about, 
we came across a consignment shop called
Sunrise Consignment Center
and we turned into the drive.
The antique mirror that I was considering. Most likely manufactured by the same company as the one we have over our family room fireplace.

This is a really nice consignment store
with lovely period and reproduction pieces!

My husband found
an antique miner's or jeweler's scale,
possibly for weighing gold,
today when we went back to look at the shop.
This area
where the
California Gold Rush of 1849 
began, of course, so
It's nice to see that you 
can still find
antiques around from California's earlier days! 

Some other things at this shop were
nice decorator pillows and furniture that is higher-end,
clocks, vintage violins, and garden patio sets.
My nephew also found 
an vintage Coca~Cola dispensing machine
he would like to have had.
I found
several hutches and armoires,
buffets and French coffee tables, 
and several
French-style gilded mirrors!

My birthday is in a few days,
so I ended up talking with my husband
later in the afternoon
about the two mirrors.

It's not always in the budget
to purchase a lovely piece,
but it's also 
often true that
lovely pieces aren't always to be found,
or for a good price.So...

He asked me to draw up where
this mirror would go.

I thought it would
be lovely
up on our staircase.

He was afraid it was too big.

He needed to 
see it.

Would I draw it for him?

Of course!

The first sketchings are above, top.
More to scale,
with measurements taken and given
over the phone by our daughter
(thank you!!!),
are below that.


Our mantel mirror at home over the fireplace ~ it used to be in the dining room.  The five antique rose-strewn bowls arched over the white mirror there are set to go around this mirror.

Ultimately, it was the larger 
pier mirror
I hoped would come home with us.
Both were beautiful and
the other one
would be lovely inside our maison.
It came down to already having one so similar.

Will share this mirror again
when it's mounted
in its new home,

Happy New Year to you!

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So glad to be sharing with you! I hope you have a great year this year! 

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