Monday, February 9, 2015

A Little Valentine's...

A little Valentine's
decorating going on 
over here at 
French Ethereal.

The pinks in the silk flowers
were saying,
"Come and play!"
(I'm sorry this photo is a bit blurry.)

The mirror over the fireplace has been swapped out for
this lovely rose-printed silk scarf
framed in gold.
My mother-in-love found it at a monthly
rummage sale they have at the
Odd Fellows Lodge
near Sacramento, California.
She and my father-in-law gave it to me
for a Christmas/early birthday present
when we were visiting over

I'll have to rephotograph later in the week,
(my photos in this room weren't the best today), 
but the scarf can still be seen here.

And, the light was beautiful 

this Sunday morning...

Roses ~ real-looking with their shell-pink petals ,
and grey-green leaves
peer out of the "painting" 
sharing their softness and gracefulness
with the world.

Little crystals, sparkling in the sunlight,
white candles and candle stands,
and one little pitcher...

More lovely Valentine's Day ideas
a recipe coming your way this week.
See you soon!

Have a lovely week,

Shared with Feathered Nest Friday ~ French Country Cottage

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