Sunday, February 22, 2015

{Places to Shop} ~ Vignettes

I must share  Vignettes...
One doesn't have to be crazy in-love with all things French, but you will think of converting and 
redecorating your home after entering into the world created by the lovely people of Vignettes 
a go-to source for anyone looking for 
a jewel or two
to feather their nest!

Vignettes is owned by Lori Chandler who has been in business for over a decade in Ocean Beach.
(I am sorry that I didn't snap a photo of Lori for you ~ I will next time!)
She is very nice and was happy to meet everyone 
as old friends even if one was a new one! 
(like me!)

Last Saturday's event at Vignettes, on Valentine's Day,
was a much-anticipated book signing featuring design-stylist, author and editor of French Country and Prairie Country magazines and the former editor of Romantic Country magazine...
who came to sign copies of her third book,

The lovely Ms. Francoise "Fifi" O'Neill surrounded by all things romantic and inspired by her book!
Notice the super cute lace dream-catchers!!!

Upon entering Vignettes, one is almost on sensory overload as there are so many lovely things
to behold...

Jeweled crowns, sparkling brooches, Victorian-style necklaces, bangles and bracelets and bronze sculptures are scattered about in vitrine curio cases!
Rose wallpaper used in new ways...
Mannequins dressed in laces and furs, some wearing
"dresses" created from a disparate combination of goods but somehow all creating "the dress..."
Very ethereal!

Following the path through each room, some of the things which caught my eye were engraved silverware pieces (always a favorite with me!), Victorian crumb catchers with their little silver-handled brooms, small bronze statuettes, crystal and beaded chandeliers,
table girandoles and wall sconces with their Louis IV curves, satin tablecloths and boudoir pillows, incredible screens for partitioning one's room, as well as settees and chaise longues... 
Eye candy for the soul!

Here are some more lovely photos from that day...

Vignettes truly is a series of one vignette upon another!

Love, love, love this screen!

I think I have been here once before friends from the tea group that I am in, back when "taking tea" was such a revival in the late 1990's! I remember the area
and this shoppe!

Two last things before this post is finit!

I met Sheri Howells in her booth near the front of the store.  She used to have her own online shoppe and is now one of Vignettes happy vendors. 

Meet Sheri Howells!

Sheri is very sweet and though she doesn't sell online anymore, her website and Pinterest are still there,
Sheri4Sureand you might know her a bit as her home was featured a while back in
 Romantic Homes magazine.

Check out her corner, above!

Lastly, I was talking with Sheri and as we were
visiting I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye, in my periphery...

This (wo)mannequin startled me to pieces!

Vignettes must have hired this woman to dress as a live mannequin! She startled everyone when each of us finally noticed her!!! Very fun!

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of Vignettes!
Do come down and visit the lovely ladies and gentlemen who work there when you
have a chance.

Blessings and bisous,

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