Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

In honor of Memorial Day,
in the evenings, after work 
or after working around the house,
Hubby and I have been watching some war movies
and a really neat British documentary...

Today, I thought we'd do a tour of all things red, white and blue
at our home
and share some of those favorite stories...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Evening through the Looking Glass

A happy little 

The light was shining-in just so,
luring me in to capture the moment.

Sunday afternoon I was out deadheading in the garden
cut this ethereal bouquet.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Selfie Kinda Girl ~ Bathroom Remodel

And I said I wasn't much of
a Selfie-kinda-girl...

Actually, I just didn't have any really good
wallboard photos for you.
You get a photo of me in yesterday's lovely outfit 
(my right arm actually CAN make a pretty good muscle, but it was busy with the camera...This left arm, not so much.)

***BTW, The "Fabulous" and "Awesome" glittery,
crystal letters come in a sheet of the alphabet and are from
Michael's Craft Store
in case you would like to decorate some
mirrors around your home.
They are really fun!
(I got the idea from something Fifi O'Neill did in a magazine a couple 
of years ago.  She had them on her mirrors and I thought it was 
NOT compensated for any of this, just in case you were wondering. :)
The swirls were another package.

Teacups, Treasures and a Recipe

But, mostly
Incredibly Gorgeous!!! 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Double-Header ~ Cupcake Tea!

Since it's Mother's Day
since I was thinking about a new blog series called
Sunday Double Header,
since I haven't posted anything in a while
because we have been working around the house,
I thought it might be fun to share a second post for the day!
It won't be super often, 
but once in a while will be fun!

Electricity, Plumbing, and Wallboard, Oh My!

We have been BUSY over here
working on getting our
all wrapped up.

I'm not usually a "selfie" kinda girl.
I'm pretty happy just being behind the camera,
I thought this would be a kinda fun photo to share!!!

Onto what we have been up to these past couple of weeks.
Hubby has finished moving insulation, lying at odd angles,
working in the tiniest-crawl-space-between-a-joist, 
and cutting plywood to get into said-space
and has finished moving the
heating and air conditioning vent from inside that
large, long horizontal spot
(where the fake wall used to be)
to where it should have been all along
(in my humble opinion)
along the right side of the ceiling
here in the second bathroom upstairs.

He has also replaced the little night light
ceiling light with the ever-so-much-more-practical
ceiling fan
(this was an easy switch compared to moving the vent!).
Both look great!!!!!
So proud of my husband for his doing this ~
something I have wanted to have done for years.

Sorry this photo is so dark... I could have turned on more lighting (or opened up the aperture...), but didn't think about it.

THE word for the day!!!
Feeling fabulous that all this work, though it is chaotic and practically every room in the house has something going on in it and we are living in the middle of all this destruction/construction! :)

What the wallboard looked like prior to sanding
...and afterwards. :)

While he was doing all that,
I've been down in the kitchen slaving away on cabinets ~
sanding, painting, more sanding, more painting.

I'm about half-way done.
Not far enough along as I'd like to be, 
happy that it is coming along.
(Still have to cook, clean, do laundry, work, blog...
a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?!)


I also have been working on finishing up the thresholds
going from the kitchen into the dining room
from the hallway into the living room sitting areas.

You can just see where the kitchen threshold will go over in the very upper right of this picture.
This just will NOT move to where I want it, so here is the photo to go with
all the talk about wallboard mesh and the
little hand-saw, my new favorite tool!!! 

Just a pop of color from outdoors, since I was out there staining in the  overcast p.m. 

These are the oak planks all cut to size, routered on the leading edge, and sanded and stained.

Different stains that I have had and used over the past 28 years of marriage. :)  One of these I used on some Windsor chairs we no longer have, and I think the "sugar maple" is what I used on the sofa-table-turned-side-board.

Lastly, I helped Hubby yesterday by holding the 
vacuum hose for awhile while he was cutting wallboard
to finish an old repair.
Then, I went up and spent the afternoon sanding wallboard
in the 2nd bathroom
(the one we are working on remodeling).

***Wallboard is dusty stuff!
Definitely wear a dust mask rated for keeping those nasty little
particles from going into your lungs!

I found these sheets of super rough 
wallboard mesh
Ace Hardware
for sanding wallboard
and they work great!
I went through 3 of them just going over those open 
wall spots.  

One of the older gentlemen who works at 
Ace Hardware 
told me that you can cut a piece of this sanding mesh
to clean up hard calcium deposits in your toilet
(those hard water spots that the toilet brush doesn't quite get rid of).
He says to just roll it and stick it in there and scrub gently.
Good tip!!!
And it works!!!

Well, that's it for now!
Happy Mother's Day to you!!!
Blessings to you,

p.s. Almost forgot! A friendly electrician came by (hubby called to wire the ceiling lighting together on one switch) this week, and Hubby mentioned he wanted to have a plumber look at our sink attachments, so...
A plumber came this week, too! 
Busy week!!! Bye, Ya'll!

***Will be sharing this week with
Feathered Nest Friday
and some DIY sites.***

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