Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Few Must-Haves

There are just a few things
that I had to have with us
with the Big Move...

Some of the things
I needed that are such a part of me
and I needed with me are:

1. my favorite silver silverware
2. the little white dessert plates
3. the oversize Redouté teacup
4. favorite decorating magazines
5. my Bible and a favorite quote book

6. my sweet cement angel...

7. our Christmas ornaments

And, of course, The Girls
{of which you've already seen our angel above...}

8. the Lady statue
9. Monsieur Rabbit and...
10. Roses

Moving was really hard on me
and I don't like dredging up tough times
but I did try to make the best
of a bad situation.

I brought the things that mattered 
to me the most.

I hope that when times are tough
for you,
you'll have a few of your "absolute must~haves" 
surrounding you to give you comfort.

Have a lovely, blessed day!
I do think and pray for you, often,

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