Saturday, June 25, 2016

June Roses...

Our Big House backyard garden in May/June ~ facing the living room
Souvenir d' la Malmaison ~ rear/left,  the whites ~ Winchester Cathedral, Mary Rose ~ the pink behind/right

June roses…
blush, tangerine, cream, violet, pink
vermillion, crimson, blue ~

Roses ~ so lush and ruffled petaled
one can almost taste them
as if their 
petaled beauty were a sherbet or a
colorful Italian ice...

Full~blown roses shaded by the Norfolk pine in the morning... yummy!

Mary Rose, a David Austen English rose ~ from my yard.

Today we give you...
Masses of roses!

My last yard was mostly varieties of pinks
and whites

Yoda in our bed enjoying the warmth of the summer duvet ~ older duvet cover by Simply Shabby Chic, Target
A table setting at friend Kathy's former home using sweet rose dessert plates, a Battenberg lace doily and a
painted and Shabby Chic~ed old metal serving plate as a charger.  Sooo deliciously rich!

I’ve shared roses before but...
I cannot get enough of them
it's definitely a favorite subject!
Ever since we lived on Camp Pendleton and 
Hubby was still in the Marine Corps,
I found my first rose-strewn upholstery fabric one day 
at a now defunct fabric store, 
debated about the $21 per yard cost, 
thought to myself 
then brought that precious fabric home 
creating my first pillows
I have been hooked!

a photo downloaded from David Austen Roses

Roses bring cheer into a room perfuming large areas 

spectacularly with scents of myrrh as
well as other lovely scents...

Playing in the garden this spring...

Roses on the carpet underneath Yoda, my daughter Amy and myself.  ;)

Roses ~ God's gift to all ~ reminding us that
Heaven will be beyond beautiful!

"It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing: the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it, the excellency of Carmel and Sharon, they shall see the glory of the LORD, and the excellency of our God." ~  Isaiah 35:2 King James Bible,

After enjoying the early morning here in the garden

it is time to head in from the heat...

This past weekend it was up to 116 degrees F/47 C

here at Lake Skinner! Ugh!
I set out pans of water and filled the small birdbath 
with water twice a day for all the creatures here
great and small.
Even the lizards and bees would come over and 
visit with me as I sprayed plants in the evening's hot air
catching the mists and soothing their hot skins...
Thankfully the heat has broken and today
will only be in the low 90s.

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