Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Add Sparkle to Your Decor with Silvery Crackle Ornaments

Silver sparkle crackle ornaments
I am in love! 

I have many beautiful ornaments carefully 

packed away in several storage boxes 
waiting to come east to Texas.
Every year though I add a few more to 
replace ones which were
broken during previous years.

So this year I added a box of special ornaments

from the
French County Collection ~ Crackle
Balsam Hill.
There are five different sets available:
foil, crackle, ombre, etched and
jumbo {4-5" size}.
*I have linked to their site, just click on Balsam Hill above.
**ps This post is not sponsored, I just really like these ornaments!

I actually purchased two types
and chose the one I was looking for.
{which was the crackle version}
This was a bit of a splurge but it was hard
to resist!
They are soooo pretty!
I kinda love how they sparkle, too...
A Christmas present to myself...
{Though I will probably end up giving away some as presents.}

Beautifully made and at 
3 1/2 inch tall and wide 
these ornaments are a dense mercury~glass type.
Quite heavy, really.
They fit in your hand and take up your whole hand.
They are that big ~ really cool!
Up where we are living right now
there are quite a few trees around
but none in our spot.
But if there were...
I'd wire a few of these tightly
to those branches!
I am looking forward to hanging them
on a real tree soon!
For now, they will grace our
Christmas table
a few spots 
Tiny Home...

Happy Tuesday and Holiday Blessings to you!
As always, feel free to share, thank you,
Barb :)

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