Tuesday, December 27, 2016

French Ethereal Recap ~ Your Favorite Posts of 2016

"The Girls" feature quite a bit in this ole blog!  They are my favorite decorating pieces, to be sure!

Alright... Where to begin? 
{so much has happened!}
This has been quite an eventful year for our family 
with our son marrying his lovely bride 
this summer then our daughter 
moving out and out-of-state
then our own move to 
our daughter's new state, 
which I truly feel
God had planned all along.

It has been a good year and a reflective one for us.
We've learned to live in very tight quarters, learning to cook, live, 
and blog/work in a super small area
{or not cook as the case may be!}
my hubby and I are looking forward to an even better 2017
we are MUCH wiser for this time past and are very grateful 
for these new beginnings...

If you are joining from
Southern Hospitality, Welcome!
I am happy you are here.
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I'm happy to have you as a friend and I do write back.

Let's jump right to our year in review...
These are all the posts that you all liked the most, though I realize 
that this January post is really from the year before.
Oh, well!

1. January ~ Crushing on Roses

my former backyard garden in Murrieta, California

I realized a bit too late in the process that this
was from the previous year.
I  decided to keep it in anyway as the posts I had up for January of 2016
weren't all that exciting.
This photograph is my signature photo for French Ethereal
until such time as I have another rose garden again.
We are hoping to buy a house some time in 2017 so
hopefully there will be the beginnings
of another beautiful garden to share with you again.
Until then, there will be new potted "friends" along the way!

2. February ~ $10 Thriftshop Challenge

Thrift shopping is something I think we all like to do
when we have the time and it's so nice when we find something wonderful
for just a little bit of money.
Here I share some pieces I would eventually send to my
now daughter~in~love.

3. March ~ Setting a Beautiful Table

I shared photos of my friends gathered in our former home
and talked about where I get a lot of my decorating ideas.

4. April ~ Style Teachers - Meet Sandy

My friend Sandy I met through a tea group which began about 
18 years ago now. 
You will LOVE her beautiful home!
And, she's the best cook!!!

5. May ~ Camping Around South Dakota

Sometimes when I'm on vacation or traveling I share different
RV parks and camping spots, and this is one of them.

6. June ~ Possibilities and Crossroads

Thinking of the future, Hubby and I go looking for
bigger living situations.

7. July ~ A Special Day - A Beautiful Wedding

All time favorite post!
Your favorite and mine, too.
My son Peter and daughter~in~law Justine's
beautiful wedding.

8. August ~ Inside Magnolia Farms - The Silos

Third biggest post of the year ~ from our travels this summer.
Great place to visit and shop!

9. September ~ Meet Cindy and Bob Ellis

Second biggest post of 2016 and you'll LOVE Cindy and Bob's home!

10. October ~ Fredericksburg, TX

Another big post for the year sharing a wonderful
place to visit and shop.  Definitely going back!

11. November ~ Tombstone in Two Days

Gunfights and fun for the whole family! As you travel 
the southwest, make this part of your drive.

12. December ~ A Holiday House Tour

Our home ~ our current home away from home
as we have transitioned from California to Texas
{and a little bit before}.

*All the links are live just click on each subtitles above.
I think that's what I like about blogs best ~
you can always come back to read
more later on.

Thank you to everyone from 
Southern Hospitality
for stopping by!
Please sign up to receive further postings if you'd like.
I hope you have enjoyed revisiting some
of your favorite post from 2016.
I'll be sharing my personal favorites 
in an upcoming post later this week.
As always, feel free to share.

Blessings to you and your family ~ 
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday time
with your family and friends,

Barb :)

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