Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day ~ "Little Home" on the Prairie

Our new kitchen in the 2017 Landmark Charleston

Happy Valentine's Day!
Our new home on the prairies of Northern Texas
for the time being while we search for where
we want to build a house or buy a small ranch home
on a little property will be our new

Landmark Charleston 365

Me in the mirror of our new bathroom.

Over the past two years
my husband, daughter and I moved
out of our beloved home of 13 ½ years
and into our "Tiny Home"
a 27’ Coleman bunkhouse travel trailer
which ended up being a comfortable
{and paid-for}  place to be ~ albeit at 1/20th 
the size of our former home.

We will have more room for cooking which I am really. really. happy. about!

We’ve spent countless weekends visiting dealers and 
RV shows in California and Texas looking at all 
the different choices of
fifth-wheel RVs available on the market today,
knowing we wanted something bigger
as we transition back into a house.

photos shot with my iPhone ~ a little Valentine's deliciousness!

Due to my allergies and asthma we did look at used RVs
however I can’t be around anything that has been smoked in
has had other pets in
{I’m allergic to pet dander and cat saliva}
and I can feel fleas even before entering an apartment
or trailer…
It can be a little daunting looking for a new-to-us RV
which meets those requirements
we tend to buy new vehicles since otherwise
I will be permanently physically sick until we
get rid of said vehicle.

A little more upkeep but Hubby and I love white furniture... So Happy!

Why didn’t we just move into an apartment?
For that same reason mentioned above and
because of ventilation systems in many
apartment buildings letting cigarette smoke
transfer through the vents of one apartment
to another.
Also, all of our furniture is still in two giant
storage units in California.

The counters in this unit are all crushed manufactured stone ~ I'll be able to roll out dough right on them!

Why not step right into another house?
We have to rebuild our savings 
for another house
since we basically lost everything 
two-and-a-half years ago and 
made nothing out of our last house ~ 
barely enough to get the 
Coleman travel trailer. 

Plus, we are still learning our way around 
North Texas and are seeing 
where we want to live permanently.
I love being out in the countryside and the thought
of living in another housing tract with 
100,000-plus people living around us 
makes me panic.

I've looked around Richardson and Frisco ~ we can't 
afford the condo and house prices.
I will not be house-poor again.
I can’t do it anymore ~ been there, done that!
Anyway, the Landmark will be delivered
this Thursday after a few fixes.
Look for some creative posts
coming soon from our
"Little Home."

Hubby is coming around to the 
country idea and is excited to look for a small property
We are hoping for a new place next year sometime.
That's our goal.
Have a great Valentine's Day!
xoxo Barb 

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Psalm 34:18 The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.

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