Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Waxing Poetic ~ My Shabby Streamside Studio

I looked for a way to contact Sandra Foster now to see if I could use her photos ~ I ended up taking a photo with my iPhone
to share this photograph with you.  On her sidebar, Sandy has a message that says "she is flattered if anyone wants to use her photos.  Just please give me credit!"  Always!  All rights reserved ~ Sandra Foster and My Shabby Streamside Studio.

Blogging or any journaling
like a diary of old, 
is an ethereal and elusive thing.  
One moment we wax prophetic, another we are off on a 
journey into ourselves…

Such is how I came to write my own little blog; my son saying I would probably like blogging.  About seven years ago, I found a blog that tugged at my heartstrings ~ this person was just like me! 

She loved the peaceful etherealness of whites and had turned an ordinary hunter’s-blind-of-a-cabin into an ethereal white Victorian cottage.  Her décor included white Christmas fairy lights, tissue paper valance puffs to hide nails and the ordinariness of a thrown-together building, and furnishings all wicker-ed and linen-y.  Bone china set behind repurposed door frames became a built-in china cabinet and some erstwhile pieces with pale pink roses scattered about were forgiven for not being completely white because of their beauty.  

Photo taken off my computer with my iPhone ~ used with permission, My Shabby Streamside Studio.

Decorations mirrored this etherealness with vanilla candles flickering and gleeming away on silver trays, and crackled mirrors with ethereal rose swags reflecting their warm fiery glow.

my own white china cabinet

Favorite old books and decorating magazines were just a ladder and a quick grab away up on the cottage’s tiny loft alcove’s whitewashed shelves ~ Lucy Maude Montgomery’s
“Anne of Green Gables” being an especial favorite
for summertime reading.  

Sandra wrote of these reads and writers on occasion ~ her writings about these authors being favorites of mine to go back to to read.  Sandra wrote of the original publishing of Victoria magazine and some authors whom whose writings she enjoyed, sharing those writing with us readers over and again, making us wish to go and reread those Victoria back issues once more.  

Hers was a world filled with Nordic white sleds, warm cocoa, tea and scones, cream-colored dogs Zuzu and Bella, and curious clucking chickens wandering in and out ~ a world at once surreal and SO real as to blend happiness on this Earth and the spirituality of Heaven into an enchanting whole. 

Sadly, this beautiful blog is no longer written due to some unfortunate personal events, but Sandra Foster’s blog lives on as a place to go back to whenever one feels the need to wax poetic and to rekindle one’s decorating soulfire again, leaving us wishing for more. 


In a way, Sandra created what she most liked to read ~ a place forever populated by characters and events frozen in a moment in time ~ just like her favorite Green Gables and Victoria issues of old.  

Come back to us…. My Shabby Streamside Studio.

How about you?  Do you 
have a favorite writer or
blog of old?  
Please leave a comment and 
share your thoughts…
xoxo Barb :)

Find Sandra Foster’s blog posts at:


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