Sunday, May 14, 2017

5 Free Things to do with or for Mom on Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
to you all!

Just stopping by to share five
easy things to do for Mom

1. Make Mom breakfast in bed

Always a favorite of mine! 
This can be as simple as a piece of toast lightly buttered 
and generously spread with your mom's favorite jelly 
served with
a nice cup of hot English Breakfast tea.

Or perhaps you'd like to serve a nice refreshing 
glass of orange juice with one large
pancake dropped in layers onto 
the griddle in reverse-order creating 
cute animal faces?
Whatever you choose to serve
Mom will love it!

2. Mom's favorite movie

While away the afternoon or evening by popping 
a big bowl of buttery rich popcorn and 
sitting down with your Mom
and watching her all-time favorite 
movie {or two or three}.

3. Go for a walk with Mom

Make Mom a homemade card saying that
you'll go with her on her next walk 
around the neighborhood.
It costs nothing but a little time to get
outside and go for a walk, see some nature
and just visit with your Mom.

Taking the dog for a walk while out
walking with your Mom 
is also a big
style point winner!
{at least in this household!}

4. Help Mom in the garden

Here's a big one ~ Mom could always use
a little help pulling up a few of those
pesky old weeds
she'd also love it if you'd come outside
when she's gardening and 
just be with her and help plant
a few colorful plants.

Who knows? 
Maybe you'll find some interesting bugs
and insects to look at 
while you are out there?

5. Bake Mom a yummy cake

Have fun in the kitchen baking
with your dad or an 
older sibling
{or even with your mom}
making Mom a surprise double-decker cake or 
some ooey gooey chocolatey 
rich cupcakes!
One of the simplest things to do
yet also 
one of the most memorable.

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Happy Mother's Day!

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