Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Year of Giving Thanks

This has been a year of
giving thanks
for us...

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We are recent transplants to Texas via many years
in California.
My husband was blessed with a new position
here in the Dallas area last November.
We are very blessed to be here and for his work ~
our first reason to give thanks...

My former home's backyard garden in Murrieta, California the year before we sold our home.

Giving Thanks

We have much to be grateful for ~ the least of which
is that we weren't homeless over the past two
years while Hubby was out of his normal work.
We made it through having to sell what I thought
was our "forever home" and instead took up
a slightly nomadic life
living in a 27' Coleman travel trailer for about
1 1/2 years before we traded it in for
our new 41' fifth wheel
which we love for its room!

Looking west over neighboring rv's here in North Central Texas.

Just a few photos from earlier this fall of my
kitchen and dining areas.
The lemon poppy seed cake on the back counter
is one I often bake when having friends
over for tea.

The garden area in September just after putting in the little square stepping stones.

Our little prairie rv home

This is the garden area just outside our fifth-wheel.
We had no "pop-outs" on the previous trailer so we were
really cramped and constantly having to move a box
to sit down to eat, watch tv, to do anything.

In this beauty, we have the luxury of five slides which makes
the inside about 16' wide throughout most of the trailer.
It is really a small apartment in many ways.
We are staying nomadic for just a little while longer as we
begin looking for land and a house.

My friend Peggy came for an impromptu tea one day recently.

"One is silver and the Other is gold"

I am thankful also for my "old friends" in California,
whom I can visit with anytime via Facebook and Instagram,
and I am thankful for the "new friends" I have made
since moving here to Texas.
I believe God has provided for this need for friendship
with park owners who really care in every sense of the word
for the people and animals who live here.

Little Skidboot at his first shearing.  He is one of 13 alpacas here at Wagon Master
RV Park and Alpaca Farm, Sanger, Texas.

It is a great blessing for everyone here,
whether as short-term campers or as extended-stay residents,
 to be able to stay here.
The owners really act as caretakers of the land and
have a heart for people.

A tablesetting I did earlier this fall.

New beginnings

We are grateful for a chance to start over
and work on rebuilding our nest egg.
We also are rebuilding our household ~ of which
this "prairie home fifth-wheel" is a big part.

Traveling to new places as I work on making
my little blog into a real business
is also an exciting part of the new here in Texas!
I am grateful for the chance to do something
I love full-time.

A  recent Thanksgiving tablesetting with pumpkins and pansies.

Grateful for the little things

Mostly I am grateful for all the little things which
have "coincidentally happened" this past year...

Our daughter moving to Texas before we did to
move out and live with her friend
my husband finding and getting his new position
also here in Texas.

Or like last Christmas time when I found a
J Broadhurst Constable series set of china
minus the lid for the teapot in an antique mall
I just happened to visit for the first time.
It had been in my heart for many years to have a set
of pinkish-red china like this as it so beautiful to me.
God knew it and led me to it!
Of this, I have no doubt.

Lastly, for meeting a new group of friends and a
Bible study being offered here at the park and farm
by a new wonderful friend.


I don't think these things are coincidences.
I believe they are gifts and blessings from our
Great Creator.

I hope you do, too.

Our kitchen table set for a little Thanksgiving tea!

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