Friday, December 22, 2017

5 Steps to Make Your Own Ethereal Angel Wings

This Christmas project has been noodling around
in my head for a bit and here is how to create
your own angel wings starting with
an ethereal but broken bird
Christmas ornament...

Years ago I bought a pair of feathered angel wings
as part of a costume for a work Halloween party.
This large set of angel wings were worn that year and
other years afterwards while I took my kids out
to trick-or-treat.
Later as the kids grew older and went out with friends
to collect candy on their own
those goose or duck feathered wings were worn
as I stayed home and passed out candy to
our neighborhood children.

So... Here's how to create your own small pair of angel wings
for little to no cost.
These would be really fun to adapt for a young
child to wear in a Christmas play or for a birthday party
or for that trick-or-treating coming
around again soon!

Angel Wings from an Ornament

Supplies needed

wire cutting pliers
hot glue gun plus gluesticks
fabric to cover wing back piece
ribbon for ties

All of these supplies I had on hand
including the bird who I had seen at
At Home
early in the season and saw its potential.


1.  Spread out wings and cut open the bird's body.
{sounds a bit gory but wasn't once I got going it wasn't.  ;) }
Cut all the way through the back and underneath
each wing.
Remove wings from rest of ornament.
Save rest of bird ornament for another project.

Sorry this is a bit blurry!

2.  Remove any wires going across the body with pliers.
Glue any wings or feathers back to the body backpiece
as needed.

One of the wings pulled off as I was removing the wire
pieces so I had to glue it back onto the body.

3. Hot glue fabric to wing back by turning under one side
edge 1/4"- 1/2", right side down, and glue first.
Flip the fabric back over so right side is out and
lay it across the back.
Leave enough material to create another folded under edge
on the opposite front side of wing back.
Glue fabric across the back ~ I did this in parts
beginning near the first glued-down edge.
Glue under the remaining edge.

Smooth out your fabric as you glue realigning the fabric as needed.

4. Glue the fabric to the reverse/wrong side following
the same technique as above.
I turned under the final long edge a little as I was
gluing it on top to dress up the underside of the
wing backpiece.

5.  Glue on decorative ribbon to both upper corners
of the wing backpiece.*
Tie your wings on any statue, elf, or
your own "little angel"
in need of wings!

*Glue as you are going will make this easier.  I didn't think about that originally
and had to pry the edges open at the corners and re-glue all of it down a second time.

Angel wings can be used in many ways as you may have seen these past years in many home decorating magazines.
I used to hang our large pair off of a coat stand we have that stood by our front door at our last house.
I've seen them hung just on a simple nail in a wall in Nordic decorating and they just look so simple and ethereal.

The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.
George Elliott 

Merry Christmas to you!

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