Monday, December 18, 2017

Cleaning Silver the Easy Way for Your Holiday Table

Today I thought I'd share this quick
and easy way to clean your silverware...

I like buying baking soda in bulk as for one, it's cheaper,
to use in everyday baking and cleaning, but also because
this is a handy trick for cleaning your silverware and
silver pieces without a whole lot of scrubbing
and blistering your fingers.

Back a couple of years ago I shared a similar post on
cleaning silverware
and I thought I'd re-share this technique.
Maybe you've never heard of it before or you have
but you haven't tried it yet.
It works pretty well on silverplated items and really is a combination of the heat of hot water working with the
aluminum taking the oxidization off of
the silver.

What you will need

aluminum foil
hot water
baking soda

How to create the silver bath

*Stop up your sink drain with the stopper.
*Line the sink with a large piece of aluminum foil.
*Place your pieces of silver on the foil,
not letting them touch.
Single layers, please!  I tried double decking with layers of aluminum and
silverware but that really didn't work at all and just wasted the baking soda.

*Add baking soda all over covering the silver pieces
or silverware.
This works best with flat pieces of silver rather than say a gravy boat or a teapot.
Those are still better off using a hot rag with baking soda or silver polish on it and
lightly rubbing away the oxidization.

*Pour boiling water over the baking soda.
The interaction of the foaming soda, the aluminum and
the hot water will foam away the
oxidization for you.

I haven't cleaned my silver plate in months... These two forks are looking sooo much better!

It's not a perfect technique but it does the hard work
for you and the bits that are left on ends of some of the
fork tines or in the grooves of the pressed and raised
repousée designs tend to look really pretty with a
little bit of the tarnish left.

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Happy Holidays to you,

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