Sunday, January 7, 2018

Christmas Lights... Not Just for Decorating!

Looking like  something out of outerspace movie
much more than the other-wordly guts inside of an RV
we found a wonderful new way to transition
Christmas lights to the New Year
this week!

Looking at our different water plumbing pipes, the new blanket to wrap our new water pump.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where
it seems whatever might go wrong did
and you worked one problem then
two more popped up in its place?
Well, this was one of those weeks...

It really wasn't the worst week coming into
New Year's Day ~ we had snow and
it was oh, so pretty!

Yoda was excited to go outside and walk
around in it.
He had his first snow experience last year
almost to the day and found that it was pretty fun
to play in!

And earlier this week I wrote about
winterizing your garden
and shared some pictures of how I wrapped up
all of our plants against the biting cold
and 15 degrees overnight.
{Charles said it was 13 degrees one day he went to work...}

Now I know that's nothing to what some of y'all
are experiencing this week with Old Man Weather
rampaging and blowing blustery blasting winds and
snow up under your eaves and leaving
sleet and snowflakes
brushing up against your window panes
but it was pretty cold
for us down here in North Texas
let me tell ya...

So,repurposing those Christmas lights
in a weird way
ended up becoming another post about
transitioning one's decor from the
holidays to winter...

Hubby Charles had gone to work and I awoke to this
strange sound ~ a boom really ~ and our water
was still frozen from the day before.
It was 17 degrees at the time.
I thought I'd better go check things out underneath
as that sound didn't sound so good
so I pulled out our trusty screwdriver and
took out the six screws holding this makeshift
RV door closed to take a look at our
plumbing underneath.

I found our water pump with a tiny bit of 
what had been a small leak.
That was wrong #1.
The day went on and after taking the dog out for
his morning walk and business
I got to experience bathing the old-fashioned way ~ 
today's version of an ethereal
rose-covered bowl and ewer ~
mainly our old yellow Tupperware bowl
and a 2 gal. jug of water.
Not really wrong but definitely a throwback.

Christmas lights illuminating the scene ~ the new water pump motor under its warming blanket and all its plumbing pipes.
The large white box by the back wall with grey hose arms coming out of it is the propane heater.  It has been acting up
but it had to do with the propane not getting to the heater right and it not igniting it.  Happily that is fixed for now. :)

Wrong #2 came when I tried to leave to buy a new
water pump and the car wouldn't start...
It had been glug-glugging for a couple of days with the cold
so I knew it had to be the battery.
AAA came out an hour later and jumped the car
only to then find out that the auto place
down the street didn't have any more of our Sequoia's
type of batteries; it would be in tomorrow's
afternoon shipment.

Wrong #3 showed up the next morning
with another BOOM and later as I was working
on the computer... the lovely sound of running water!
We had water again but not the way we had
The waterline release valve for our residential refrigerator
had frozen and split and was gushing
water every which way!
Luckily our plants who were in need
and a bucket propped underneath provided

Luckily this is a minor fix if we can find the part
but it did take talking to several people, lots of walking around
and one of our camp hosts to help me find the cut-off valve
under the kitchen sink and a button inside the freezer to
stop the ice maker from sounding off its
alarm pleading for water.
Did you know the ice maker makes an alarm sound
when it doesn't get its water??
I sure didn't!

So… if you've wondered where my second post
I normally write each week went well this is where.
There was nothing left of me after the crazy mishaps of
Tuesday and Wednesday.

I'll provide some links just in case you ever find
yourself in need of one of these:

Getting back to  the Christmas lights...
By the time Hubby got home from work and I had
called or texted at least 20 times over those two days
there just wasn't enough light for him to see in the
storage compartment when he went to install the
new water pump and I had been putting away the two
Christmas trees and taking down all the ornaments
and lights...
and I thought just maybe...

Under storage compartment fitted out with a blanket for the new water pump plus an extra heater!

Those lights worked out really well
at lighting up Charles' work area!
{ps - It was fun closing him inside the compartment, too, with the heater to keep warm!}

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