Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Cleaning, Cobwebs and Memories, Oh My!

What do cobwebs and memories
have to do with each other?
Not much, except this type of cleaning will be
bringing up a ton of memories.
Now put cobwebs, cleaning and this photograph together
and you'll get a little picture of what I'll be doing over
this next week...

Sawhorses, bookcases, the 1940's Danish maple table I refinished and had made into a sofa table, and
my favorite easy chair that is worn and shabby ~ sitting next to our 1880's reproduction French armoire
bought around the year 2000 from a woman closing her gift shop at a mall in Oceanside, California.

Hubby has a two-week business trip to Southern California
this week and next so...
I'll be heading back to California to check on our storage units
and to do some much needed cleaning and spraying
as we prepare to get our household
goods moved to Texas.

When Charles went by our two storage units in September of 2017
he said they were full of cobwebs...
There aren't too many things I really don't like
spiders are one of them!!!

So, first order  of business was to call our storage landlord
and ask if it would be alright to set off some of those "bug bombs"
in our storage units and my message was returned with a yes!
I just need to make sure my neighbors will not be there when I set them off ~ hopefully I can do that this coming Thursday evening and let the spray sit inside over the weekend.
I'll leave my neighbors small notes next to their locks to let
them know that I sprayed so they don't wonder about
the smell.

Happy Memories

I am thinking of selling some things while I am out there
and I've considered selling this antique oak dining table...
except for my birthday one year my father-in-love made
me two leaves for it.
Those leaves go with the original ones that came with the table when I found it in Auburn, California in 1993.
There it stayed at that shop as I worked to pay it off
at $100/month.
Then this old Victorian stayed with my longest known best friends whom I've known since our freshman year of high school
at their home in Northern California
for another year.
Finally when our son was 5 months old in January of 1995
we drove up to see our inlaws, our son and daughter's
great-grandmother {who passed shortly thereafter}
 and to visit our friends ~ that table of memories made the
trip home to Southern California to live with us
in our first and then our second homes.

Can I really part with it?

This chair basically came with our second house.
The previous owners were selling all of their furniture with
their move up the hill to an area called Greer Ranch.
This chair in all its floral beauty was so comfortable and
practically new so I made an offer and it stayed with its home.
I made a slipcover out of a matelassé bedspread that I found at AmVets Thrift Store in Escondido, California
probably eight years ago now.

The chair is beginning to lose its seat and the stuffing has
fallen apart in the back piece but I remade a new cover
for the back piece out of heavy muslin and
{shown above}
then lovingly made the welted slipcover taking care
using the original cover as my pattern.
There are the the most beautiful roses in a twining vine
along parts of the matelassé and I designed the cover
lining up the scalloped edges of the three edges of the quilt
to create the skirt bottom around the chair's lower edge.

Can I sell this chair?

Now I have been looking for a large Welsh cupboard for probably 20 years or more and the ones I found in antique stores
I just could not afford.
One day however I found this sweet new Shabby Chic cupboard
and buffet at a now-defunct gift and tea shop for $300.
Once again it was another of my layaways.
It took only a month or two to pay it off.
Made around the angel picture frame, the man from Riverside
who made a number of these cupboards and sold them to the
owner of this shop
{or consigned them, I don't remember}
probably doesn't make them anymore.
These custom-made cupboards were hot items then
and were beloved because of the items incorporated
into their designs.
No, this cupboard really doesn't hold much on its upper shelves and I used our table saw and cut and installed a second interior bottom shelf inside the lower doors matching the paint from one of the original doorknobs.
It was made more functional with that shelf addition and it has held hundreds of pounds of stacked china on the bottom shelf and
17 teapots and various creamers and sugars
along the upper shelf hidden behind those doors.

I have planned to sell it as it has had a good life with us
and I'm ready to find something bigger and different
but really
I am pretty attached to my furniture and as a curated group
they all go together and a part of me.

The $5.00 goose which was part of the goods sold at the model homes of which
our first home was a part of ~ Vista Homes, Beezer Homes, Murrieta, California.

Chalk it up to moving over 40 times in my life with
all of my parents' military moves then college and
our young married lives.
Well, you get the picture...

Some people are more than able to sell everything they own
and move on.
Perhaps they lived in one house all of their lives and their homes
were very stable with extended family and cousins surrounding them all of their young lives and they aren't affected
with this crazy deep need for

Just thinking about having these pieces of furniture
near me ~ even if they are still in storage ~
I'm already excited!

And I have sold many pieces of furniture over the years
but for now most of the big pieces will stay.
I always said I'd keep and pass on the large red sectional
that is Hickory Chair and eight-way hand-tied.
It's a down-filled sofa and is sooo comfortable to lie on
and take a nap on a lazy afternoon.

I think it has to go...
It won't fit in whatever house we find here in
North Texas.

The mirrors will definitely be staying

A piece is already broken off the big one as I remember
my daughter was overtired and was being rough with it when she was moving it in and out of its spot between the bookcases...

Another 1920's or 1930's mirror was broken as it was being taken off the wall in our living room and readying it to be packed.
Ç'est la vie...

In between those memories  though
you can bet there will be a can {or two or four} of
whoop-spider going on!

I'm also planning on visiting friends who I didn't get
to visit last time ~ if they are home ~ and seeing
the kids in our classroom.
A box of books and early Valentine's gifts are
ready to go, too.

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