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Small Space Living ~ Sharing Kindness through Organization

Sharing kindness and helping someone to organize their home is something I love to do! In today's post I will be sharing the beginnings of this new project helping a friend to organize and redecorate her small RV home...

I am joining a wonderful group of bloggers who are sharing their stories of kindness with you, our readers, and those links are included at the bottom of my post for you. Please enjoy your visit with a warm cinnamon scone and a hot cup of tea...

These two new pillows my friend loves!  Her favorite color is blue so that
will be our main hue for organizing and decorating her trailer.

I have a friend where we live who has special needs. Her name is Carrie. She lives on her own with assistance from a sister and brother-in-law. They take her out to lunch, have her over for family events and parties, take her shopping for groceries and help get her propane to run her heater, but otherwise she is pretty self-sufficient. Carrie has a huge network of friends from around the park and at church who will stop by and take her places just to get out, to attend a couple of Bible studies during the week, or to just go out and eat.

Carrie does have some organizing challenges in her living spaces which is part of who she is, but also because many people donate supplies and clothing to her. She loves the clothing she is given but doesn't really have anywhere to store it while sorting through what what fits and what doesn't.

She and I have been friends for a little over a year now and we walk together all the time for exercise.  I help her with things she may need from time to time, too. I have helped by taking her to get groceries or driving her to the doctor, as a number of her other friends also do.

It is a privilege to be able to help her in this way and it is really an honor to be able to use my organizing and decorating skills to make her life more functional and beautiful.

Begin by clearing out

My friend had already begun packing up things she no longer needed and had outgrown in bags. We put those bags in my car to pass onto women at a local retirement home. We continued some of this on our first day organizing.

Since Carrie has lost a considerable amount of weight since moving to the park, she is excited to be receiving gently used clothing from friends and finding new clothing at local thrift shops.

Carrie worked on sorting through clothing to keep while I helped by going through her kitchen, pulling out duplicate and unneeded items for donation.

We talked about having the right tools for everyday preparation of meals and for baking. Carried needed a work-space where she could easily cook and mix things. We also discussed ways to organize the kitchen ~ by use and item.

You can see in the these photos we have begun putting all the kitchen appliances in the cupboard above the tan chair. We then worked on putting paper goods and less needed kitchen items together in that same area and in the upper cabinet above the sofa.

This cabinet is just to the left of the others shown above. 

Reorganize and space planning

Since my friend has lost a considerable amount of weight she is excited to be receiving gently-used clothing from friends and finding new clothing that fits her better at a few of the nicer local thrift shops. A mutual friend takes her out shopping about once a month or so and they make a day of it by going to Twice-As-Nice in Denton then out to lunch, too.

As we worked on purging those no-longer-needed clothing pieces
I spent time teaching my friend about hanging long items
together and about taking unrelated items out of each closet.

Small space living is the same whether one lives in a trailer,
a small cottage home or in a studio apartment.
Really organizing one's built-in cupboards and closets
is key to making our homes look and feel bigger!

Our Yoda shows an interest in helping clean and organize. 

Clean as you go

One of the biggest tips I can offer is to clean and wipe down
cupboards inside and out and the items going inside as you go through them. Putting everything away all nice and clean makes a big difference in how we feel about ourselves and about our home!

You can see how we organized her utensils and silverware to
the left of the sink. She uses her crockpot every week so that
will stay out, too.

Part of the fun  for myself was just looking at what my friend had and seeing things with fresh eyes! Since there are only three small storage drawers in the kitchen which were meant for the silverware, some utensils and a few linens for wiping and washing dishes, I showed Carrie how to display her silverware in large water glasses along her counter's back edge.  Along with an unused crock to hold her utensils, this area turned out perfect for Carrie's cooking and baking needs!

Just doing this gave us a free drawer to have the ever-needed "junk drawer." Having a junk drawer gives Carrie a place to store pens, pencils, small notebooks, rubber bands, stamps and such that everyone needs but we can't seem to find if we leave them laying out.

Repurpose closet spaces

Carrie has the tiniest closets in her bedroom area and really needed more room for clothing, so we repurposed the cabinet above her television. This is a perfect spot for my friend's jeans, casual pants that can be folded, and her t-shirts.

Eventually we will put in some foldable shelving to give her even more stacking ability with her clothes. This closet may eventually hold other things as well but she really needs clothes storage. Her chief complaint is with not being able to put clothing away as she would like.

Store away non-used items

We worked on giving her a bigger storage box for her needs. I shopped some sales at Walmart and for $40 found some good storage boxes to begin organizing Carrie's trailer.

In this new box we were able to put in all of her blank Christmas cards, wrapping paper and decorations, plus ornaments.  It was just the perfect size!

This box fit perfectly in her really unused storage area underneath the outside of her trailer. We will be storing more items there as we get further into our reorganizing adventure. 

Fixing up the bedroom will be here in the next few weeks.

To be continued…
I've been over one other day and we worked more on
putting things for donation out in my car
The next time we get together we will probably tackle
the bedroom closets and storage needs in there.

Here are some items we might need in my friend's home
that I began pricing when I picked up my own groceries
this past weekend.

Stay tuned!
Being kind and helping others is what I believe in.
I love my decorating and gardens but my heart is
firmly planted in helping others and especially friends
to achieve their dreams and goals, too.

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