Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Quick What's Up This Week Post

This week  I'll be sharing three great posts with you.
The first will share two really beautiful antiques/gift shops
from my trip to California.
Look for this first post to come out on Wednesday.

Next  I'll be sharing a little more from Kathy's beautiful
home in Nipomo near Santa Barbara, California.
Her all-white home is timeless and on-trend with a variety of textures, glass table tops and many crystal chandeliers
gracing her ethereal home.

And as  we head into springtime and with annuals
just starting to come out at local garden centers
I'll take you on a trip to one shop filled with early
spring flowers that we visited in Arroyo Grande.

Sorry  about last week only getting one post out.
I was busy bleaching and washing linens from our
kitchen as we deal with a mouse...
The little rodent{s} have hopped into our trailer's
underbelly and after going through four live and not-live
traps we are still trying to catch the little beasty.
At least one made it into our kitchen island but
it doesn't look like any made it inside our home,

I've also been working out more as I work to get
back in better shape.
10,000 steps a day is the goal!

*Update: the Posies and Picket Fence post will publish
on Thursday instead of Wednesday due to weather.
Thank you!

See you again tomorrow,

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