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Places to Shop ~ Posies and Picket Fences

Posies and Picket Fences
While out west visiting my friend Kathy who lives
just north of Santa Barbara and Ventura in the rural
coastal city of Nipomo,
she took me to two really neat shops...

The first  shop we visited once I had arrived after driving
several hours {from Ranch Cucamonga/Ontario where my hotel was} to
meet up with Kathy for lunch was to

Picket Fences
1588 Mission Drive
Solvang, CA 93463

in the Danish-inspired city of Solvang, a city
founded by a "group of Danes who traveled west to
establish a Danish colony far from the
cold midwestern winters."*

Just off the main road coming into town, Picket Fences has

lots of unique mercury glass candlesticks, candleholders and
urns which are so lovely to use for decorating.

{This is where you might want to stop

a sec and grab a cup of coffee or tea
and a bite to eat...
This post is a lengthy one today!}

Look at all this lovely poor man's silver ~ mercury glass is really pretty en masse!

After drooling over all these lovely silvery
stoppered decanters and perfume bottles and browsing
the candles and candlesticks and linen-covered lamps
that were on this table and on the buffet to the left
I fell in love with all the
heart-inspired pieces there in the shop and brought home
three small heart-shaped ring holders ~ one for myself and
two to send to my and daughter for Valentine's.

I posted mine on Instagram if you'd like to see it!
Sadly, I didn't take any photos of the other two.

I really like  stores which carry "smalls" as they
are easy to pack when you are traveling plus often
these items are a little easier on the wallet.
Each of these hearts above are only $4.95 a piece ~
perfect for saving for gift giving!

Of course  being that we were in Solvang sweet
Danish mementos were in every shop and window!
These are such lovely reminders with their blue and white
ladies in traditional Dutch costumes and clogs
windmills and farm scenes gracing pieces of china
tile or on lace for your kitchen windows.

This was  a special time for me personally too as I had
spent a weekend with my German host family in
Alkmaar, Holland
back during the summer of 1981 when I was 19 years old.

{Ja, ich kann die Deutsch sprechen und die 
Niederländisch ein bisschen lessen!}

Aren’t these  brassy hearts really neat? 
They open up so that you can add little notes or sweets
or anything you'd like to place inside.
Perhaps a place to store love notes from your
sweetheart or hubby?

Wouldn't these be a perfect addition also to a
bridal shower table?
Hearts in many forms are pretty much perfect for
Valentine's or any holiday celebrations really.

Then there is the large iron heart just in front of them
which just calling out to go home to my yard... 
Okay, moving onward.

A bit dark  I thought I'd share a few photographs
of the whole shop for you.
I had forgotten about the black and white pillows
plus the lanterns on top of the right hand cupboard.
Black and white never goes out of style and I am finding
that though I'm not usually big on black in my decor
I am being drawn to it this year.

As you can see  the black really stands out with all
the other neutral whites and rusty iron decor ~
I'm loving the look and maybe
you do too!
Still can't wait until we have a house again and I can
either make some fun farmhouse signs like the one spelling
out "farmhouse" up on the high shelf.
I'd like to hang a few signs around our walls.
Soooo cute and on trend!
And I'm not usually a trend person as I like what I like
but word signs are pretty cool!

And then  there is a favorite beaded chandelier which 
just whispered to me like a few favorite toys did long ago,
"Take me home."

One last look at this sweet shop which was also just 
up the street from a bakery which Kathy wanted us to visit
but which was closed ~ it was getting new flooring.
Next time!

Love the Dutch doors!
Did you ever wonder how they
got their name?

Apparently they were invented to keep critters from
wandering into Dutch homes and kitchens since screen doors
weren't yet invented and though they were created in Holland
they were really a bit hit here in America.
Here's a neat article on Dutch doors for you to check out.

Solvang is  a great little town that after you've parked
you can pretty much walk everywhere to dine and shop.
Here Kathy is leading us on a quick tour around to see
a few other shops.
Oh, and there are a number bed'n'breakfast
places and hotels in Solvang to stay at, too.

From here  we drove back to Kathy's lovely home but
before we go here are a few last photos of Solvang and one
on the way driving through an ethereal allée of trees!!!


Our headline photograph from above, again ~ here you can see the lovely ethereal blouses
and some of their beautiful white on white antiques and vintage goods displayed 

The next day  afters spending the late afternoon having
tea and cherry scones for a snack instead of dinner
{We were still full from lunch, really.} and then talking until
late in the evening about decorating and all the
things Kathy and her husband Ken have been updating
in their new home.

Oh, and touring her garden ~ which I'll be sharing both
with you in more detail soon.
We drove up to Arroyo Grande, California
and waited patiently for this shop...

Posies in the Village
106 West Branch Street
Arroyo Grande, California 93420
805-481-0404 open it's doors and let us in!
Okay, we weren't too patient but we did manage to visit
a few antiques shops which had opened their doors at 9:00am
plus we visited with the local chickens!

Chickens  are something Arroyo Grande is famous for
and they have always roamed free.
They even wander into shops sometimes
as one shop owner told us
to escape the cold or hot weather.

Posies  is on the opposite side of the street from
where the chickens are so they don't often get in here.
But if they did...
They'd find three beautiful shops in one...

Eclectic and fun  there's a mixture of gift items and
antiques up in the front of the store and upstairs.
Then here in the middle is a display of vintage record albums
which I promptly snapped a photo and sent to my son
who thought the place was cool.

For me  it was chandelier heaven! Each was unique and
other than this next really large one ($995 on sale) and
another really beautiful French chandelier
most were in the range of $120 - $350 or so.

Colorful  candles, mugs, pretty jewelry, curated clothing
and unique chandeliers all for sale along with spoon rings ~ 
Posies has something for everyone who
comes through their doors for a visit.


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