Thursday, February 8, 2018

Think Pink for Spring Indoors and Out

Think pink  for Valentine's Day is nothing new but bringing in
a little pink will introduce some welcome color into
our winter-time homes while we
wait for spring...

Bring on the pink
You know me ~ I love to add in pink all of the time ~
but for some pink is not their go to color.
If pink isn't your usual color then try adding in a little with
the flowers you buy for your next dining table set for when company is coming over.

Or, bring a little pink in with some soft napkins
in your table decor to celebrate a loved one's
special day.

If you collect teacups like me it's easy to add small doses
of pink just by choosing china patterns with pink roses and
other pink flowers printed on them.

Very soft pink  is often tolerable for those who really aren't into pink but who would like to add just a touch to their decor.  Here I've added just a hint of pink with a light pink dried peony
in a tiny bouquet set in this vignette.

Lovely and subtle without being overpowering
this pink is quiet and can be mixed with blacks and whites
in our china and table linens to create a stunning
French feel to our festive table settings.

Funny thing I am the opposite ~ I don't decorate with black
much as I prefer decorating with whites.
This year though I thought I'd try to incorporate a little
more black into my tablesettings so I am on the hunt
for black and white toile and striped fabrics to add
some variety to my usual
white and cream and pink linens.

Here are some ideas for napkins and table linens to try
to mix in a little pink with your usual table decor:

Out in the garden

 As you choose what annuals and perennials to plant and mix
into your garden this year consider adding in some
light and dark pink crepe myrtle bushes-turned-into-trees
which will bring in that wonderful pop of pink.
Just the addition of one or two trees and some smaller
flowering annuals will really brighten your gardens
and give you a whole new color range of flowers
to cut and bring inside your home.

Here a neighbor had sweet pink petunias planted into
pots and as you can see the pink does add that subtle burst
of color to her otherwise green garden.

Some of the trees on the property here are young
crepe myrtles and here is one in bloom.
Crepe myrtles begin blooming in late May to early June
and each bush or tree will continue blooming for
up to three months.
I have noticed that the medium pink like this one pictured here
tends to be the first species of crepe myrtle to bloom.
Then the light pink variety begins in June or July
followed by the really deep pink/purple variety which
begins in late June to early July.

They are incredibly beautiful in season and add so much
to one's spring and summer garden decor!

The Crepe Myrtle Trees 
I cut off all their branches every year in the spring.
They look odd, just six foot tall trunks, and no other thing.

The pruning is done to make it easier to see.

Then the new branches that grow are so pretty.

Their trunks shed some thin bark every year.
It's a beautiful thing, just how unique they appear.

Each branch that's cut off forms a new bough, 

And they all grow large bunches of flowers somehow.

The colors of purple, white, pink and shades of red, 
Are impossible to forget, or get out of your head.

When they are pruned down to just a bare spike, 

It's easier to see other burgeoning trees that I like.

I think they love this kind of brutal cutting, it's clear; 
Because they respond with natural beauty, each year.

The titmouse and chickadee are often seen in the trees.

It's nice to have trees that provide seeds and berries. 

In the winter their seeds provide small birds with their needs.
They give to our feathery friends, which no one else feeds.

The massive amount of work involved in the spring, 

Is always mitigated by their beauty, an unmatched thing.

I've finished all the pruning already this year, 
Now it's on to other gardening tasks, I fear. 
My only comment to Mr. LeBuert is that I'd cut my
crepe myrtle bushes and trees in late fall not spring
as spring is when they bloom.

So consider adding some pink to your decorating
this season to bring in a little spring brightness to your
wintertime decorating and later to add vivid
dashes of color into your garden, too.

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