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How to Make a French Toile Tablecloth ~ Part 2

Last time  we left off at shiplap joining the middle seam
between the two halves of this tablecloth and today
we will work on finishing it!

How to Piece together Toile (cont.)

Once   the seam is joined flip the fabric over to the
wrong side and press towards either the right or left.
Here I've pressed my seam left {very top of photo}.

*Here's the link to Part 1.

Turn right side up and top stitch close to the main seam.
{Shown here on the right side of this photograph.}

Turn wrong side up again and *grade the seam allowance then roll the top piece of fabric underneath.
Press again.
{Lower part of the photo.}

*Grading a seam allowance takes out the bulk taking the bottom selvage piece
down to 3/8" and the upper 5/8" selvage can then wrap around it easily.
This creates nicely finished seams with no frayed edges showing.

Turn the fabric right side up one final time and topstitch
1/4" from the first topstitching.
{Shown on the left side of the above photograph;
I was doing two things at once in these photos ~
hence why I'm sharing both pics twice.}

Sizing your tablecloth into a square

Take your cloth and lay on a table or on the floor right side up.
Fold the cloth horizontally and matching the sewn seam ~
making the uncut top and bottom pieces meet up
at the shorter lengths.

Here the fabric is folded horizontally matching the vertical seam stacked on top of each other ~
shown on the very left edge of the table above.

Now cut off the extra fabric that extends beyond like the
photograph below:

The extra fabric from the top and bottom are cut away {here folded over ready to cut away}.

 Once the extra fabric is removed from the top and bottom
measure the height of the tablecloth.
This gives you your final measurement for what to cut
from the sides of the tablecloth.

You can cut this square two different ways

1) Measure from top to bottom ~ this is the measurement you
will divide and mark for the side seams beginning
horizontally from the center of the seam to each side.

Mark the measurements outward from the seam ~ one set at the
top and one at the bottom of the left and right halves
of the tablecloth.
On mine I measured 31" on the left side and another 31"
on the right side.

Draw a line from top to bottom on the left and again on
the right sides and cut off this extra fabric.

2) A different and less measuring intensive way to do this
is by folding the fabric on top of a large table or the floor
into a large rectangle.

Do this by first folding horizontally aligning the vertical seam
as before when removing the extra top and bottom fabric.
Finger press the seam as the photograph shows above.

Then fold the fabric left side across to the right side ~ there
will be a little less on the top side with the fold
but then you'll cut off a little more from the bottom piece
{as shown in the next photograph where the top piece
is lifted up}.
This creates "the square" as you can see in the above

Now measure the amount need to cut off on the sides; remove.
This second way is really faster as the large mass of fabric
is in a smaller size and easier to deal with.
The resulting large piece is a nice square without
the hassle of laying out lines and possible mistakes.

My ruffle inspiration ~ this Shabby Chic tablecloth.  I love the ruffles' seam showing on the outside!

Making a Ruffle

If you'd like to create a ruffle for your French toile de Jouy tablecloth, begin with measuring the area of your "square."

Mine at 62" x 62" square {31" left and right halves plus the same vertically}:
Area = length x 4 or 62 + 62 + 62 + 62" = 248"
Yours may be different.

Ruffles are usually 1.5x - 2x the area in length
so this tablecloth's area doubled would be 496".

When I went back to the store to buy more fabric there
was only 1.75 yards, so I divided 45" width into 496" and
this boiled down to a ruffle width of 5.75" for each piece.
6 pieces could be cut out of 36"/1 yard of fabric.
I was able to cut 10 widths.

Seam these together at each end, all figures facing the correct
way and making one long piece.

Fold under the top 3/4" and press along this top edge from
the wrong side of the fabric.

Double turn under the lower edge, press and sew this
bottom seam.
{I chose to do this later.  I'm sorry I didn't take any
photographs at this stage for you!  :(  }

The ruffle is ready to pin onto the tablecloth edges.

Begin by figuring out how many pieces will fit on a side ~
mine with 10 pieces/4 sides = 2.5 pieces per side.
Pin one edge from the left corner and count the pieces and pin
to the next corner.

Pull the fabric from the very middle of the ruffle and pin
to the middle of this tablecloth edge.
Keep halving the pieces over and over until it is all pinned.

Move to the next side and repeat.

For more detailed photographs click here in the post
I wrote last summer when making our chair covers.

Here you can see the beginning of the pinning.

Sneak peek at an upcoming table setting post...

Sew the seam with the ruffle edge to the outside and pull
pins as you go.
This does take some time but once you get the first seam in
if you want to a second seam can be added like in
the inspiration piece.
And that's it!

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