Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday Sentiments ~ Having to Say I'm Sorry

Life is  tough and having to say you're sorry is probably
one of the toughest things we go through at times.
Like death the hurt we cause others can
often be unbearable...

I had  to say I'm sorry to my friend this week whom I
drove up to visit and stay at her home above Santa Barbara.
I didn't think to ask when I took pictures in her home of
her beautiful surroundings and her garden.
I was caught up in the etherealness of it all and the vignettes
I was seeing and so this is my public apology.

The photographs taken showed her home and garden
in some of its best light but in my happiness to just be there
and visiting with her I forgot and didn't even think about it.
At her previous home I had often taken pictures for myself.

Happy memories of a beautifully curated all white home where
worries and day to day stresses fade away.
But I had asked.

I apologize  to you also because I jumped the gun in
talking about her home.

I'm sorry.

Time heals  and hopefully it will soon.
Kathy is one of my best friends and though you have
never met her ~ you do in every vignette I create.

Have a blessed day,

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