Monday, March 26, 2018

Wildflowers and Gardens ~ Austin and Magnolia Market

Last week   the beginnings of another Texas spring
bloomed everywhere my daughter and I drove.
Today I'm sharing a little of those beautiful Texas
wildflowers and also the gardens at Waco's
Magnolia Market.

Let’s begin   our garden tour in Austin where I found
this beauty ~ I think this may be a flowering redbud
but I'm not 100 percent certain as it could be a type of
cherry tree too.
If you happen to know what type of tree this is
will you let me know in the comments?
Thank you.

It sure was lovely in all it's pinkish purple beauty!

Guess where I found it and a lot full of others just like it?
Yes really.
Beautifully sculptural and not overly trimmed is just how
an ornamental tree should look
to me at least
and these were perfect!

A close up shot of the buds and blooms on this tree ~ ethereal purple goodness!

I drove over to say goodbye to my daughter as she had
to go into work before I had woken up
and I was blown away by how pretty these trees are.

A beautiful red beauty blooming on a greenbelt at my daughter's apartment complex.

Another of my flowers finds ~ everywhere we drove in Austin
these red roses were blooming and I'm sorry that they look
more neon than the real red that they were.
I didn't have my Canon camera with me so I used my
iPhone and red just isn't this phone's favorite color
to reproduce.

These roses were beautiful none the less and the plant
grew to about 5' wide and tall.
This rose bush is really healthy and I am guessing that
this is a Knockout rose as they are planted everywhere and
do really well here in Texas.

Of course  what is spring in Texas without sharing
the state flower ~ the purple bluebonnet
or lupinus texensis??

Isn't this greenbelt incredible??  I posted a little video on my Instagram feed so you can see more.    

Last spring I went crazy photographing bluebonnets and
I used to have them growing once in a while in my
gardens in California.
They don't like a lot of fuss and really prefer rocky soil.
If you try growing some just toss them out on your
meadow in the fall and leave them be.
No feeding and the winter rains will water them.

Magnolia’s gardens  are pretty in all seasons and
at only two years young it's amazing to see how mature
the gardens are now.

I love how there is something for everyone at 
Magnolia Market at the Silos.
I did several write-ups beginning with this one sharing
shopping finds I found at Magnolia two years ago
just after the shops opened.

My husband, daughter and I were on our way to our
son and daughter-in-love's wedding
from Amy's new home with a friend in Kyle
{where she was before moving to Austin}
when we stopped in Waco, Texas.

Later in the fall I wrote a second post sharing more of the
actual insides of Magnolia Market.

Last spring about this time I stopped and shopped
but the gardens weren't as filled in as they are now.

I love the espaliered trees along the fence and the
little greenhouse!

Someday I'd like to have one in my next yard speaking of

This one is about 16' long by 10' wide or so and
has built inpotting shelves ~ perfect for putting
small to medium
sized pots up on it to trim and plant plants.

Glass windows cover all the walls and ceiling and side
windows do open to let breezes in on warm winter days
and to let hot air out on late spring and summer days.
The floor in here is tile with a/c and heat set into the
Versaille pattern.

Love love love these small sapling arbors ~ they are created for Chip and Joanna by one of their vendors.

Back out in the garden raised planter beds are filled with lettuce
and early spring annuals like snapdragons and tulips.
The flowers are mixed in with edibles which is pretty cool.
Here you see strawberry plants paired with snapdragons.

*If you choose to plant vegetables and herbs with flowers
make sure those flowers are non-poisonous.


This is out in the lunch truck covered eating and park area.

Lovely lamb's ear is sooo soft ~ here planted with white snapdragons and ivy cascading down the left side of
this tall planter.

Have you ever planted lamb's ear?  We had a different
variety that grew well in the desert heat of So Cal
and wasn't as soft as this variety.
Lamb's ear adds a lovely green-grey to the garden
that mixes well with other plants.

A couple of the gardeners working the soil in a vegetable planter, rear of photograph.

And of course there must be roses!

While out in the garden I saw several garden employees
so I went to ask some questions about a particular rose.
She ended up giving me a couple of clippings as she
was trimming it that day!

Later this week I'll share how to root a new rose bush
from a clipping.

Hope you've enjoyed our little garden tour.

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Happy spring,

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