Sunday, April 8, 2018

Garden Roadtrip ~ Welcome to the Texas Tulip Farm and Gardens

Today is all about tulips!   It was very late in the
Texas spring season when I learned about a tulip farm
quite literally that was not but 10 miles away.

So today we are talking tulips and hopefully we will be
sharing some new favorite tulips with you.

Texas Tulips  is what they call themselves online this time
of year and you can find their website on Facebook but they are really Pecan Creek Ranch in Pilot Point, Texas.
Right across the street from Waggin' Tails RV Park ~ sister park to Wagon Master RV Park and Alpaca Farm ~ oddly enough
where I currently live.

Pecan Creek is currently advertising that their strawberries are in season so here's the link if you are somewhat local and would like
to take a trip out to pick your own!

Looking over the wall in this shot from just inside the road.  Love the drifts of tulips!!!

When I stopped by last week a "Closed for the Season" sign
and cones were set up outfront
however a man was driving out and said that they were
still selling tulips and to just replace the cones as I
pulled in ~ this was wonderful news!

After pulling in and putting back the cones then parking
I walked towards the little entry shack and asked if it was
alright to come in.
The young blonde Scandinavian high school girl said yes
it was alright and just to the left after passing this kiosk
there had been a field of iris.
Two rows remained for customers to come and pick.

I just photographed... sigh!

My first fiancé's mother had given me some purple
iris bulbs for my mother years ago
{really another lifetime, at this point}
and I have loved purple iris ever since.

Aren't these stunning beauties?  No wonder Tulip Mania occurred in the 1700's!!

Heading now back towards the right hand field where a man
was plowing some rows under and spreading manure
for future crops
there remained just a few rows of tulips...

Purples and dark pinks and yellows and reds
frilled and unfrilled
many withering away
but still with bright and cheerful tulip faces
reaching for the sun...

Waving gently in the mid-afternoon winds we had
that day ~ visually stunning!

The first time I had ever seen ruffled tulips was during
the spring of 2005 when I went thriftshopping with
my sister-in-law Linnea around to the city of
St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, England.

Tulips similar to these yellow ones above were planted in
small looking planters next to trees in front of shops
we saw and visited while in St. Ives.
I remember too the many fields planted with drifts of tulips
daffodils and jonquils.
Often these fields were right next to old stone churches
in the center of small towns and bigger cities.

You can just see the wind blowing here in this photograph ~ love this beautiful tulip!

London and Huntington were especially beautiful that spring!
It had been a good rainy year and cold so the bulbs
performed at their best.

This was the sweet candy striped tulip I picked this day...

They were the freshest and must have bloomed last
as they were all perfect!

Tips on how to pick

I learned from a young girl who had been out picking tulips
with her mother just how to pick a tulip ~ reach down to the
base and just pull up.

I brought three bulbs with me but I learned that that was
The high school girl I met in the beginning just cut off
the bulbs to compost as next year new bulbs would be
ordered from Holland by the owners.

Did you know that tulips can continue growing in a
vase even after they are picked?

I learned this years ago from my mother
I think it was.

Just a parting shot of these lovely tangerine iris planted in an urn out by the front gate ~ part of bidding adieu while putting
back the cones.

One of the photographs I put out on my Instagram.

Around 5pm when I arrived home I thought I might
snap a few photographs...

Just loved them wrapped...

Tulips to treasure...
Later this week I'll share a little more from a new
spring tea post with you.

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ps ~ Save this post as a visual reference for when you
put in your tulip bulb order next fall.

Happy Sunday,

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