Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Inside and Outdoors ~ Sunny Spring Afternoons

I love  this time of year when the mornings are cool
and because the winds that whip up are still rather brisk
a jacket or a light sweater is still needed.
Then as the sun rises higher in the morning sky the days
rapidly warm and by mid-afternoon it is a
balmy and pleasantly breezy 80 degrees...

My workspace  becomes bathed with a golden
afternoon glow ~ this is what it looks like.

I had just washed the dropcloth chair back covers and
was letting them finish drying en plein air.
The little rosette ties still needed to be put back on
but no matter.
Sometimes it is good to see how people really live.
And this often involves several jackets draped along a
chair back of varying fabrics and weights.

A view of the fresh spring grass and trees leafing out
outside of our glamper RV's back window.

This is what sits below that window looking

Often the coffee table is full of papers and magazines
or lately tax papers waiting for Hubby to finish his
end of the year paperwork.
I pay all the bills and keep the checkbook;
his job is to do the taxes at year's end.
A good sharing of responsibilities!

I think this is a photograph from late January or early February 2018.  The Girls' crowns of dark pink roses are new.

Earlier in the season the little garden was still snuggled
under its wintertime blanket of bark and huddled
against freezing cold nights.

Magically the weather turns and slowly the grass
comes back and... suddenly it's spring!

Blurry as I shot right through the closed screen door. 

This evening as I sit and write the door is closed
now but two windows are propped open and
a cricket is out there chirping in the warm
zephyr winds...

Love the little birds who visit our mini garden ~ field sparrows, belding and Nevada sparrows with their striped heads,
cardinals in their red finery, and the large Texas mourning doves are back!

Pansies are still partying on though some of the planters
are beginning to peter out for the year ~ the lettuces too
are beginning to turn to milk.

Lettuces sour when they are getting ready to go to seed
and soon I'll be back to buying store bought
but for a week or two I can count on these guys in
their little pots to continue feeding my hubby and I
and a few friends.

The lovely Ducher roses from Magnolia Market's gardens ~ a gift of a cutting!

 No matter where we are or where we roam
I am always happiest when I am home.

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Enjoy your spring,

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