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You've Got Mail, Bookshops and Great Design in the Movies

When I was  a little girl in school there were three
favorite things I loved: first was recess
the second was P.E. and the third was going to the library
each week to pick out a few good books to read...

An interesting fluke showing the ending and beginning of two scenes.
These photos I shot with my iPhone off the television, as you can tell. :)

On Easter Sunday  after going to church and
enjoying the Easter egg hunt that happened for the kids there
and while the potroast bubbled and simmered away
in its crockpot set on top of the stove
{which made our little prairie home smell wonderful by the way}
Mr. Ethereal, my hubby bear, and I watched old favorite

After watching A Dog's Purpose which if you haven't seen it
is absolutely wonderful.
Keep tissues near as you will laugh and cry.
Then I pulled out our next latest $5.00 video bargain and one
of the best love stories out there:
You've Got Mail.

Now you might ask yourself what in the world does
You've Got Mail
Tom Hanks' character Joe Fox and Meg Ryan's
Kathleen Kelly
have to do with design??

In this scene Jean Stapleton's character has invited the girls over for a farewell to the Shop Around the Corner tea luncheon.
The setting with all its books, the tea table, the garden chairs and plants bringing the outside in is just beautiful, isn't it?

Well the answer is.... Everything!

I love how the movie was staged.  The furniture
the lighting and the decorations on the walls.
The brownstone row houses set in New York City.
Timeless. Classic.
Like my favorite Waverly linen pattern called
Norfolk Rose on the couch and on some of the pillows.
{This must subliminally be why I ended up buying
two yards of it last year to make my couch's pillows!}

You get to see our home as it really is... :)  Loved and with a small glowing electric fireplace.

And our home when it is clean and shiny beautiful for you!

I crack up each time I watch this movie when Joe talks about
The Godfather as being the I Ching ~ the Nirvana
of everything.
And an explanation of everything according to him and it would seem every other American male out there.
Even my hubby understands the reference and it is
part of his psyche.

But really it's the love that develops over time that I love about You've Got Mail ~ the relationships between the coworkers and
Kathleen and Greg Kinnear's character and how there's love there
between he and Kathleen.
But eventually there can only be one great love...

And the always romancing songs with notes just the right
pitch winding its melodic way in the background of the story
culminating in the actualization of a love that
will stand the test of time.

Timeless and classic

Then there is Kathleen Kelly's bed and the scene where Joe
comes over to visit when she's sick...
 I have noticed this is also why I fell in love at High Point Market with the beds at Eloquence...

You Do Know that I gave our old dark cherry bedframe
to our daughter as it was a queen size and we bought
a California king??
We will have to be buying a new bedframe at
some point...
And probably buying a smaller king mattress as in the
houses we are looking at here in Texas...
the Cali isn't going to fit.

And of course books  and the mom and pop book shop
versus the newfangled idea of the big box store was all new
twenty years ago and feature throughout this movie
and are characters in themselves ~  along with then newbie
America On Line which we all know now
and love as just plain AOL.

Did you ever think that email would just become a
part of the fabric of our daily lives??

They are remaking memories

Whether it is intentional on the part of producers Nora and Delia Ephron or not that although many smaller bookstores would
go by the wayside the memories of loving books and stories
though changing where we would buy and read them
would remain and never die.

Even the movie itself is like a second or third remake
of a good old late 1930's classic and this is talked about in a
10 year reunion with the Ephrons, Hanks and Ryan!

Kathleen Kelly climbs into bed while Joe Fox brings her tea over and tucks her in.
Love the gilding on this bed!  Although today we would probably change the stripes
out for a solid linen this bed is still a classic design.

They come full circle

So they come full circle with bookshops changing to meet the needs of the times and for me there is also the scene with Kathleen Kelly's bed...

I love that bed and it looks like some of the beds I saw at Eloquence while touring there this past fall.
And then last year while wandering around Dillards
at one of the malls in Frisco or Plano
I found this bed by Cynthia Rowley.

Whether one of these companies made the bed used in this movie with it's striped Ralph Lauren 1980's look or another big design house made them...
I love the curving design of the headboard from You've Got Mail
and it's sweet antique quilt and comfy bed linens
and the bed's Gustavian-Louie posts.

Timeless, classic and still on trend and chic!

A photograph I took of books while visiting Second Impression Antique shop in South Dakota.


I do miss a favorite old bookstore that used to be in Temecula
when we first moved to Murrieta, California in the early 1990's
and it was called The Little Professor.
I took my two kids there for storytime along one painted wall with children's book characters brought to life there was a hole.
This hole was big enough for even adults to crawl through so that
we could all go inside and back in time to enjoy the best
stories of our childhood.

Somewhere over the rainbow

But eventually there can only be one great love...

Keep the tissue box nearby

And I won't spoil it for you if you've never seen this movie.
But do go rent it or buy it online somewhere
and enjoy the beautiful set designs
the city of New York in the fall and the wonderful romantic comedy that it is.

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