Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day  is always a wonderful holiday and it is especially wonderful this year as my grown children
came down {and up!} to visit me and my husband
this past weekend!

Mom and Amy grabbing a selfie!  We don't look alike at all, do we?  Lol!

We enjoyed a trip to Magnolia Market as our daughter Amy and our son Peter and daughter-in-law Justine enjoyed their first visit to the market even though it was a crazy rainy day!
You can see a little more from our trip on my Instagram
posts here and here.

Justine and Peter out with Peter Rabbit in our little glamper garden.

We had a good time eating out and taking a tour
of Sanger and Waco ~ lots of fun!
Even got to skip some stones.

So… this year's Mother's Day post is a mishmash
collection of photographs I've taken.
This past fall or winter I shot some photographs of this lovely Mother's Day napkin
I have owned for many years now.
I found it rummaging through some baskets I have
stored under our bed and thought that it would
make a fun future post!

Then too I found this photograph of our former big house
garden and I loved adding this poem to it.
It's random but it works with all of the things and people
I love and it speak to me about love and
Mother's Day.

One of the first photographs I took for my blog back in the day.  I was still learning how to use the camera lighting, too.

This one too with some of my favorite linens packed away
and still in storage waiting to come back out to play
speaks to me of the many other women who
enjoyed these lovely lacy beauties before me.

I wonder how many of these tablecloths and napkins
graced someone else's Mother's Day table
before mine?

Mother’s Day  of course makes me think of
my mother and how I wish she and my father had lived
longer so they could have known the kids better.

Ginny and Gene on their wedding day ~ September 1959.

I've been on my ancestry account this week and it's fun to see the continuity of family genes on my ancestors' faces ~  for
those relatives that we have photographs.

A lovely photograph I took before church one day of my MIL Gini Chapman.

Here are my mother-in-law and father-in-law
with Charles' grandfather and grandmother
in the late 1970's ~ Raymond and Kate.

Raymond and Kate {she's from Farmersville, Texas!}, Gini and Pete {my FIL), and Charles and sister Jodi ~ who just
graduated magna cum laude with her master's degree this weekend at Ashland University, San Diego, California!!! 
I think I may have shared these two photos with
you all at some point and maybe in a post
to share them again!

It's a comforting thing ~ like these linens
and even this silly little bowl of soup.

My hubby Charles and our sweet Amy!

*Sharing more about my mom and dad here.

From my family  to yours ~
Have a great Mother's Day!

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