Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Summer Weather and a Sick Dog...

This week  has been a catch up week for me with computer
issues then hubby coming back from a business trip to California with a nasty cold.
Now our sweet Yoda is sick and I am not sure why but his
tummy is upset but I may need to take him in
to see the vet.

He got into a ton of round stickers this week which
Mr. Ethereal didn't see out in the little greenbelt outfront
I've been cutting and brushing Yoda like crazy trying to get them
all off {usually Yoda has a fit if I try cutting his fur so he must
really want them off!}.

Yoda  has been a part of our family since 2005 and was a rescue dog coming to us via a Boy Scouts silent auction
and the Animal Friends of the Valley animal shelter in
Lake Elsinore, California.

He was somewhere between 9 months and 18 months old
at the time of his adoption that October.
He is a Pekingese mix and possibly part Lhasa Apso
being the same height and length as his friend Rusty
who is a full Lhasa.

Mr. Rusty with his mom's toes in the pic ~ lol!

Here's Rusty!  He's a cutie and it's funny how similar
their personalities are ~ both only like certain dogs.
They get grumpy in the evenings and sometimes
with each other.

Yoda is a cream colored Pekingese but Rusty is really a pretty cream color.

Peke's get grumpy too as I've heard from many
Pekingese owners over the years so it's not surprising
that Yoda can be a handful sometimes.

Yoda with Charles at our Big House in California ~ photo taken with my iPad, about 2012.

His behavior has really improved since we first adopted him
all those years ago as he was really food aggressive then
and really protective of me.
He doesn't have the almost weekly outbursts now and finally realizes that we are trying to help him
instead of hurt him.

He still likes to stay in his dog bed if either of us is still sleeping
of a morning to be there to protect us while we sleep.
If either of us is sick ~ like Mr. Ethereal has been this week with long work hours, lots of travel, and not much rest ~
Yoda tends to stay right with you.
He is a true protector and very loyal to his family.

But my walking buddy of all these years is about 13 years old now and the humidity here in Texas really took its toll
last summer...
We are only going outside in the early mornings and around
5:00pm to potty, then around dusk now for his evening walk
 as temps 85 degrees and above are just too much
for this Old Pup.
Pekingese dogs live between 13 and 15 years of age
on average... and he is right there.

*He did finally just eat for me this evening ~ first time since last evening when he then tossed most of it back up.
Thankfully he has been drinking lots of water so
hopefully Yoda is on the mend.
I know dogs can get a type of dog flu but he may have
picked up ant poison or something on his paws.
It's so hard to know.

I did call the vet and I'll continue keeping an eye on him
and if he continues appearing to be ill
{there hasn't been any vomiting or diarrhea since yesterday}
then I'll take him in to be seen.

A favorite photograph of Mr. Yoda in the sycamore tree leaves at our Big House.

However long  we have with Mr. Yoda
it has been an adventure.
Just thought I'd share my heart and some photos
new and old with you for today's post.

Here's the first post I ever wrote about Yoda ~ Yoda in the Leaves.

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