Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Right to Refinement ~ An Antiqued Nightstand Reveal

I am excited  to share the reveal of this little nightstand
with you all today.  Layers and layers of chalk paint add such
an antiqued richness to the piece that it's hard to believe that this little swan was ever an ugly duckling...

Here's this sweet nightstand in its original paint color ~ okay but a little drab.

Directions continued

In the  first post Antiquing with Chalk Paint I shared all the chalk paints I had used up to ASCP French Linen.

After letting that layer dry and rubbing some of it back off so that
it was more of a lowlight or accent I rubbed on some watered down
Liquitex Burnt Umber.
I worked the burnt umber around all the appliqués' curves and into places where I thought the nightstand could use some definition.
I was trying for a dirt stained look that you'd find on a centuries old piece ~ like the dirt got into a furniture piece's crevices.

Here's where I switched and looked to another post of friend Cindy's* to use this really great product:
The last paint to put on carefully using just my forefinger was some
Amoco Rub 'n Buff ~ gold
lightly over all the raised portions of the appliqués.
It's inevitable that you'll get gilding in the wrong spot so keep a
damp cloth nearby to carefully rub off any mishaps.

I tried both silver and gold as I wasn't sure which I liked better.
I even took a mini survey on my Instagram and several people
said they liked the silver better.
Once the burnt umber was rubbed on the silver just didn't look
right to me so I went with the gold.
I was trying for an Old World European French look and I don't
think silvering on furniture happened until around the
Art Deco 1920's to 1940's era.
I did feel a bit like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz as just
the tiniest bit of gilding or silvering goes a long way ~
plus it gets all over your hands!

{You can see where I nicked the top front edge of the nightstand
with silver when I was trying both out and I didn't see it in time.}

The last thing to do after the gold dries {wait 24 hours} is to rub it to a shine then add either a clear rub-on furniture wax or a polyurethane finish to protect all that wonderful chalk paint goodness.

Here's how  it turned out!  I am loving this little nightstand now with its new blue look!  I had never worked with chalk paints before and I can tell you that they go on very smoothly and there isn't any chalky feel to the furniture once dry.
Part of what I really liked about working with this type of paint was that when you are wiping back the paint to reveal underneath layers the paint is on there enough that you have to rub a bit but
not too hard.

Chalk paint creates the most lovely soft matte finish...

All of the chalk paints I used and the Liquitex Basics Burnt Umber.  The final paint was Amoco's Rub 'n Buff in gold, then a
final coat of clear furniture wax to protect the paint.

*My inspiration was a Louis XV buffet Cindy Blackenburg of the blog and online shop Edith and Evelyn created for her home.
I loved all those multiple layers of blues and greys that she created
on her formerly 1950's brown dresser!

Pretty blooms glow in the late afternoon sunlight.

I am loving how this dresser turned out and it inspired me to look
for a poem or two...

'No one need suffer, therefore, who cannot emulate a neighbor’s costly appointments. The privilege of
extravagance belongs to the few, but the right to refinement is a legacy to us all.’
(Homes And Their Decoration, 1903)  ~ found on Sew It Cook It Craft It
with Lina of Sew Historically.

This little nightstand with its charming layered blue look certainly adds a certain refinement to our Prairie Home and I was in turn inspired to do some cleaning and create
a little early fall vignette.

I found a small painted tobacco basket at Hobby Lobby and I picked up a few faux rose stems with a bit of peach blush
coloring to their leaves to add to the roses and peonies
I put out this summer.
To these I added in just a few small off-white hydrangeas
and beautiful blue larkspur stems to complement the blue
hues in the nightstand.

What do you think of these two together?
All in all a pretty fun photo shoot and project! 

Let me know how you liked this project!
*Thank you!*

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Loving this little swan now,

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