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Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Style Your Fall Home

Styling a fall vignette  in our homes can sometimes be a little tough ~ like when you'd like to really go all out in your fall style and decorate more places within the home but are limited by budget.  I often feel like that, so today I'd like to share a few ways to make our homes beautiful for fall and still stay within a budget...

 From a little fall styling I created last year.

Shop your home and bring out your baskets 

The first and easiest way to add in some fall style to our home decor is to just bring out a few baskets that have been stashed away and you haven't used in a while.   Give them a quick rinse pat dry and they are ready to use!  

So easy to style by just adding a few pumpkins {real or faux} along with some dried flowers from your garden and your small space vignette is all set.  Being creative in our home decor doesn't have to cost really anything ~ especially if we already have a lot of items on hand.  

Thrift shops and garage or yard sales are also your friends!  
If you haven't been to one in a while I highly recommend stopping by.  Find out when each thrift shops' sale days are ~ you can find all kinds of decorating bargains for just a few dollars.  

Just this week I picked up some old lamps that I will be revamping and sharing soon... ;)

These candy tins are perfect for stashing smalls and sewing supplies too!

Add in some metals

Change up your usual decorating items for vintage tins picked up while visiting those garage sales and thrift shops.  These candy tins above were found at two thrift shops locally and abroad and are true vintage pieces.  Just adding in a few of these tins on a living room side table or to your entryway area add color and texture to our fall decorating schemes. Vintage gilding, repousée and interesting shapes in metal decor objects will have your guests stopping to admire them.

For a short tutorial on painting your own chargers, click here.

Change up your usual placemats and woven grass chargers {which are also wonderful as fall decor!} with metal serving trays left in their original silvery state or painted as these are.  Perfect for dressing up one's table settings they are wonderful to use during the fall and all throughout the year.

If you haven't brought out your goldware or silverware in a while bring that out too ~ a perfect way to welcome your guests for dinner and show that you are glad they came!  

Gorgeous silver found this past winter on my trip back to California.

Personally I like polishing silver but if you aren't fond of doing that here's a post I wrote on a quick way to polish silver that you can try. 

Also add in a few copper candlesticks or mercury glass candleholders for their added metal beauty.  Pottery Barn had their mercury glass candleholders on sale recently and I know the local dollar stores often have fun votives and candleholders in their seasonal section.

Fun metallic farmhouse cache pots used as catchalls to hold mail in an entryway or on a desk also bring in that fall feel to one's decor.  We can never have too many catchalls, can we?  I don't know about you but I always have bits of paper laying around.  


Candles are a must in my vocabulary for every season ~ during the fall as days shorten and evenings grow longer ~ just adding in a few pumpkin spice or apple scented candles in a pretty candleholder really add to fall's ambiance.  

I use a lot of glass candleholders myself in addition to mercury glass holders and I love how the light sparkles and dances through each little candleholder...

Very ethereal!  :) 


Add flowers to your chandeliers and in ceramic and glass bouquets on your table stylings in the colors of fall ~ or not!  The trend now is to just add a hint of fall color to your usual flower stylings with pale versions of the usual mums, roses and other florals available in today's market. 

The trend now is to just add a hint of fall color to your usual flower stylings with pale versions of the usual mums, roses and other florals available in today's market. 

Blush orange and pale green pumpkins added to the display will continue a light fall theme.  So pretty!

This fall season I went with blush peach roses and some light and darker velvet pumpkins ~ plus a new tobacco basket found at Hobby Lobby. Just in case you need another one.  ;)

And lastly...

From my Instagram


Bringing in nature's bounty of colorful fall leaves and pinecones ~ the ultimate inexpensive and totally free gift given to us from our Creator.  When you want lots of fall color in your home decor leaves are the way to do it.

I was just on a trip to visit my son and daughter-in-love in South Dakota and picked up these leaves while out for a walk on my last day there.  True beauties!  

They will be featuring in a table styling as soon as our wet weather cooperates.  

a little coppery pheasant found locally

One last look... Do stop by your local thrift stores if you haven't been lately as one's man's trash is our treasure.  That's where most of my goodies come from these days including this sweet little pheasant.

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  1. Beautiful vignettes for Fall dear Barbara !
    I love those blue and white plates, dishes always catch my eye.
    Thank you for your sweet comment.
    Enjoy all the celebs this month of October. We also have a SIL, a nephew and my late dear MIL's birthday and of course me. So you see, it's a fun month !

    1. Enjoy all your birthdays!!!!! <3 I do love October! :)
      Hugs back,
      Barb :)

  2. The pheasant was a great thrift store find!

  3. Beautiful groupings, Barbara. Love it all! :D

    Lori Jo - 50 With Flair

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments, Lori Jo! I appreciate it. <3

  4. Great ideas and tips for fall decor on a budget, Barbara! So.... my burning question... did you make the pumpkins? ;-)

    1. I made that big toile one a couple of years ago... when I made 32, I think, to give as gifts as we were moving. No... I did find the right stuffing but haven't made them yet! I'm sorry. :( I didn't find my white stretchy velvet... It's around I just need to check other boxes. :D Happy crafting, Julie!!!

    2. So... I began working on pumpkins this Sunday afternoon... Of course I have to take pics to share! Definitely giving you credit and a link up!!! ;) Will share as soon as I have a few done.

    3. Very fun! Even if you don't do a post, I would love to see them!

  5. I love that basket full of flowers and how you layered those beautiful white plates!

  6. Oh how lovely Barbara. That one photo you shared with the sunlight falling over the blue plates epitomizes Fall. So beautiful

    1. Thank you, Michelle. Sometimes the camera captures something more than I could even hope for. A blessing indeed! Happy Thanksgiving to you this coming week. <3

  7. Oh Barb, I love everything you do. I remember that one of the very first posts I read on your blog had a picture of the bust in a vignette and I fell in love then and subscribed. I still love her.
    :) gwingal

    1. Oh, that's sweet, thank you, Nikki!!! I am truly touched... She was a thrift shop find about a year-and-a-half ago ~ just after we got here to Texas. I've since seen a couple identical to her ~ Lidy of French Garden House has one in her bedroom. We've talked about them a couple of times. :) I hope you find one for you someday... <3

  8. You have made you home look so inviting and pretty! It always looks so warm and comfy. Maria

    1. Thank you, Maria! I appreciate your thoughts as I sometimes feel a bit out of my league... I love coming over to your blog and seeing what real interior designers do! <3


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